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[Hisba is a term referring to the right of a Muslim to defend public morality and suing on behalf of religion.] The article comments on one of the four books published recently by the Gama´at Al-Islamiya. The book discusses the concept of hisba. The leaders of the Gama´at admitted that...
Montasser Al-Zayyat expressed his satisfaction at the reactions towards the four books. A former state security prosecutor said that it was the first time for the leaders of the Gama´at Al-Islamiya to renounce their ideologies in that explicit way as expressed in the books. One of the lawyers...
Hassan Al-Banna, the founder of the Muslim Brotherhood, introduced Islam as a way of living and gave rise to the Islamic missionary activity. He was not a leader but a da´iya. He was a pedagogue to a wide group of people. In these two facts lies the greatness of Al-Banna.
President of the Azhar University responds to George Bush Jr. He demands that Islamic leaders contend against Western allegations and Western accusations against Islam and Muslims. He adds that those allegations and accusations have reached a point where the West is demanding the closing of the...
September 11 was not the beginning of the associating of terrorism with Islam. The Crusades marked the beginning of the actual attack of the West against Islam. Because the West is apprehensive of the Islamic revival, many theories calling for attacking Islam appeared in the West. If Islam really...
Recent research findings on the increasing rate of melanoma among girls have raised controversy among Egyptian dermatologists and Muslim scholars, after claims by some Muslim preachers linked skin cancer to revealing clothes worn by young girls.
In response to the offensive cartoons depicting the Prophet Muhammad, first published by the Danish newspaper Jyllands-Posten in September 2005, moderate Egyptian preacher, ‘Amr Khālid has revealed an initiative to engage in dialogue with Danish youth and intellectuals in a bid to find common...
He supports the freedom of religion as an assertion to Allāh’s instructions: a man needs not register his conviction, adding that this principle represented the spirit of Islam.
Egyptian MP, Rajab Hilāl Himīda, made a shocking statement in a parliamentary session claiming that the Qur’ān incites terrorism.
The author of the article cites a few examples of the fatwas that have resulted in controversy amongst Muslims.
‘Abd al-Rāziq, professor of sharī‘a and theology at the Dār al-‘Uloum says that his study of the names of Allāh has taken two years of immense research of over 50 encyclopedias comprising 20,000 books. He elaborated that many of the names of Allāh are not among the 99 attributes of God, known to...
Dr. Nabīl Luqā Bibāwī’s response to the questions posed by AWR concerning Yustina Saleh’s article on the second article of the Egyptian constitution.
The convicted murderer of Theo van Gogh, has said in court that the United States, the Netherlands and anyone who respects the laws of those countries is a legitimate target for Islamic holy warriors.
The muftī of Egypt speaks about human rights in Islam, arguing that Islam was the first to establish a constitution to protect man’s life and property and to grant him the right to freedom of belief and expression.
In a symposium cosponsored by the Kuwaiti Information Office and the newspaper al-Sharq al-Awsat, participants from the Arab world as well as the West shared their thoughts and ideas about terrorism and its origins.
The article discusses the phenomenon of business in the name of Islam and cites prominent Muslim scholar, Dr. Ahmad ‘Umar Hāshim’s theological arguments on the matter.
The press report that the Muslim Brotherhood have spent 28 million LE on election propaganda, and that their slogan, ’Islam is the solution’, is simply used to avoid providing detailed solutions to Egypt’s problems.
The author argues that the word jihād was mentioned in the Qur’ān in the sense of exerting utmost efforts in all fields of life, not only the battlefield, whereas Christianity has a long history of holy wars between the Protestants and the Catholics.
The Torah is a Hebrew word meaning "teachings.” The word refers to the first five books of the Holy Bible where it is defined as a set of regulations. The body of the scripture, which is called the Old Testament by non-Jews, is known to Jews as the Tanakh or written Torah.
The author wonders where, and from whom, ‘Amr Khālid received his education, and criticizes some of his fatwas.
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