The article reviews an imaginary interview between a Bahā’ī and a Muslim on the fundamentals of Bahā’īsm.
After 23 years of marriage, a Muslim wife has discovered that her husband is a Bahā’ī and not a Muslim. According to the wife, he takes to beating her and their children in an attempt to force her to convert to his faith.
The article discussions the furor that was caused by a document that allegedly showed how the U.S. was funneling aid into Christian organizations, and how the reporting on the issue help to stir up a media tempest.
Civil society proved after a quarter of a century of struggle that it has the capability to break the barriers set by the regime between it and the people through the suppression of freedom of expression and the use of power and unconstitutional legislation to trample its activists.
Sulaymān Shafīq refers to three different issues that were widely discussed in the Egyptian media in 2007. Strongly related to the value of the freedom of belief, these issues are the Bahā’ī case, Christians converting to Islam and vice versa, and finally, the case of Muh...
The article discusses the political failure of the banned Muslim Brotherhood that tends to raise less important issues merely to gain media fame rather than any real political presence in society.
al-Dustūr interviews the Azhar grand Imām, Shaykh Muḥammad Ṭanṭāwī, about whether his Fatwás are related to the ‘presidential’ statements.
President of U.S. Copts Association [USCA] Michael Munīr will visit Cairo to continue his suspicious discussions about the persecution of Copts in Egypt.
Michael Munīr made a declaration before the U.S. Congress accusing the Egyptian government of turning a blind eye to the increasing aggression against Copts in Egypt. He also criticized the “penetration” of the Muslim Brotherhood in all the governmental and security institutions in Egypt.
Michael Munīr comments on religious discrimination in Egypt. He asserted that he would not rest until he makes sure that the Egyptian government would take action against discrimination of Christians. He also pointed out that he testified against Egypt when the committee asked him about images of...
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