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Public Prosecutor Māhir ‘Abd al-Wāhid ordered the release of 463 persons suspected of belonging to the outlawed Muslim Brotherhood, but retained the custody of 37 others on charges of staging unlicensed marches in several areas in Egypt on May 3, 6 and 14, 2005.
The book of "The hejab between the confusion of women and the controversy of scholars" is the first book written by a woman on the issue of the hejab in Islam. The author shed light on the hejab throughout history to let her readers conclude whether it is really an Islamic requirement or not.
Rose El-Youssef’s special file for this week contains an interview with Abdullah Annas, a pioneering Arab Afghan and articles on new preachers, how terrorists have exploited cassette tapes to spread their ideas, the Prophet’s perception of terrorism, the Brotherhood’s perception of women, the...
Dr. W. Reiss responded to the summary of Dr. Al-Awa’s article on religious textbooks in AWR, 2003, week 52, art. 27
The revelation of each Qur’anic verse is related to certain events. It is necessary to know such events to understand the verse properly and apply it aptly. Muslims should know the time and the occasion in which a certain verse can be applied, in order to avoid problems and confusion.
Arms trading is the only suspect that no one paid attention to in the recent incident at Al-Kosheh, although it was behind every incident to threaten the security and safety of citizens and the country, and although the bats of darkness [the terrorists] used them [the firearms] to kill around 1500...


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