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Dr. Soad Ibrahim Saleh, professor of jurisprudence and head of the jurisprudence department in the Faculty of Islamic Studies and Dean of the Arabic and Islamic Studies department at Sadat City, is attempting to be a mufti for women’s issues.
Bishop Bakhoum of Sohag, Maragha and Al-Munsha’a said that the statement of Pope Shenouda III confirmed that what happened in the Al-Koshh events was an ordinary incident, and it has nothing to do with Egypt’s national unity. What foreign papers published were exaggerations that defame Egypt, and...
The use of Fatwas (religious decrees) has been exploited to the full: the murder of President Sadat generated a Fatwa, the attack on the Population Conference in 1994 resulted in another Fatwa, the lootings of gold shops was followed by a Fatwa and the list is long.
Lebanon is currently witnessing a clear attack of foreign religious delegates flocking into the country. The delegations come with many themes, ranging from those who have come to apologize for the deeds of the Crusaders to those who have come to call for world peace and family ties.
In light of the recent re-instating of the Khomeini Fatwa against Salman Rushdie by Iran’s radical groups, Rushdie is to meet with British Foreign Secretary Robin Cook to discuss his security.
Rashed Ghannoushi, the exiled leader of the Tunisian outlawed "Al-Da’wa" Islamic Party, believes that since the 1979 Islamic revolution in Iran, Islamist groups have experienced several ups and downs. He adds that Iran, "where a real democracy is taking shape with [President] Ayatollah Mohamad...
Iran has disarmed against its number one public enemy Salman Rushdie who was hunted by the Fatwa (Islamic religious decree) declared by the late Ayatollah Khomeni, and issued more than nine years ago.
The conflict between Dr. Mohamed Said Tantawi, Sheikh of the Azhar, and the Azhar Scholars Front which was recently brought to court is made up of an accumulation of small problems that turned serious when other parties interfered.
Many people keep the Qur’an just as a good luck charm which is not approved off by most Islamic scholars.
The recent agreement between Britain and Iran revokes the ’Fatwa’(Islamic Decree) asking for the blood of Salman Rushdie who was denounced as an apostate by the late Ayatollah Khomeni.
If Copts do not agree on using the Canon Law of the Coptic Orthodox Church for inheritance issues, they can resort to the Sharia, Islamic law. Many, writes Rose el-Yousef, do.
An autobiography of the phenomenal preacher. The translator added the references to many other articles which appeared about sheikh Sha’arawi in the Egyptian press.
The author is upset about discrimination of a Cairo-University lecturer in dentistry and calls what happened "absurdities". The article explains the background behind the commotion about someone becoming a lecturer. Some people who oppose her say she is Bahai while the person herself says she is...
The article discusses whether or not working with tourists is forbidden in Islam. Some radical sheiks advocate that Muslims do not work in the tourism industry while mainstream Islam rejects such opinions.
We often hear about the radical statements and fatwás of Muslims and about uncompromising Christian or secular activists who can appeal to populist sentiments and mistrust of the ‘other’.
Arab-West relations have been one of the most controversial relationships in the international arena for decades.
This paper is an attempt to outline and illustrate the many facets of the Arab media's reaction to the 2003 invasion of Iraq and the profound emotions it stirred in so many Arabs and Arab journalists. 
Dr. Shawqi `Allām, Egypt's Grand Mufti, said that Al-Azhar’s conception of jihād is one of reconstruction and building, of establishing noble values, pointing out that it differs from the conception of radicals and terrorist groups who limit jihād to [armed] combat.
Background: Islamic preacher Yūsuf al-Badrī talked about the characteristics of a preacher and the sources of legislation in Egyptian society. He also talked about the case of liberal Islamic thinker, Naṣr Abū Zayd and criticized his books. The questions were asked and answered in Arabic. For more...
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