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The criticisms that faced the American film the Devils Advocate were not those that were expected. They had nothing to do with the technicalities of the film, but were a critique of [its] blasphemy and misinterpretations.
After a long phase of harassment and annoyance the Sheikh of the Azhar Mohammed Tantawi has decided to take a tougher stand with his opposition.
A former nun tried to write a book in favor of Islam. Al-Ibiari reviews it.
Sheik The Azhar presents a defense of the law reducing the duration of the secondary section of The Azhar education to three instead of four years. The main argument in the debate that this issue aroused is whether or not the theological education of The Azhar students will be affected.
15 members of the Azhar scholar’s front met and decided to change the president, the secretary general and the first deputy of the front. The three that were ousted were the same people who led the campaign against the Sheik of the Azhar. A spokesman for the front was also appointed to block the...
The identity of Muslim women in post-colonial Egypt has largely been marginalized in the transition to modernity.
The author discusses the dominance of Islam in the school curriculum in Egypt, considering this a “cultural purification” against people of other religions that contradicts international human rights resolutions. He has prepared a study of the Arabic language curriculum in elementary and...
The article mentions books that have been banned or approved by the Islamic Research Academy.
Rose al-Yūsuf reports about different opinions regarding the recent decision to ban books written by Jamāl al-Bannā.


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