The Permanent Committee for Scientific Research and Fatwa in Saudi Arabia issued a statement supporting what was issued by the Higher Islamic Theological Council in Lebanon regarding civil marriage.
In a meeting with the American ambassador to Egypt, Dr. Nasr Farid Wassel, the Grand Mufti of Egypt, said that there is no religious persecution of Christians by Muslims.
Islamic Sharia has nothing against women nominating themselves for public office and voting said the Grand Mufti Nasser Farid Wassel.
Dr. Nasr Farid Wassil, the Grand Mufti of Egypt, said that peace is the origin of the relationship between Muslims and other nations.
Dr. Nasr Farid Wassel, the Grand Mufti of Egypt, caused an uproar when he said that smoking is haram [religiously forbidden.
Three Egyptian Muslim leaders will travel to the US to attend a conference on Islamic unity.
Sheik Mohammed Metwali Al-Sha’arawi, Egypt’s most popular preacher died early in the morning of the 17th of June.
The author is asking why the Islamic leaders of Egypt have not commented on Dr. Sayed El-Qimni’s remarks which they consider in violation with Islam.
Hānī Labīb provides a panorama of what he believes shows positive progress toward citizenship in Egypt in 2007.
Hasan ‘Azzām writes about the importance of experienced scholars issuing fatwás.
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