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Dr. Nasr Farid Wasel, the state’s Mufti, denounced the allegations of the British Sunday Telegraph, confirming it is perverted and could not be believed. A country like Egypt that respects all heavenly religions cannot commit persecution or religious discrimination.
The Mufti says that the reason for Egypt’s defeat in the June 1967 war was due to its atheism and moving away from religion. However, the Mufti adds the victory of October 1973 was because of our strong faith and tight grasp on religion, which made God stand by Egypt’s side, and angels crossed the...
The article discusses the Al-Misyar marriage, a form of marriage that is applied during travel, which has become a phenomenon not only in the Arabian Gulf countries, but in other Arab countries as well.
The author laments changes that took place at the Azhar. It is another critique on Dr. Tantawi, the sheikh of the Azhar.
A collection of fatwas by Sheik Abd-Aziz Ibn Baz, the Mufti of Saudi Arabia.
[and Al-Ahrar, August 10, 1998] Al-Ahram Center for Political and Strategic Studies issues its second ’Report on the Religious Situation in Egypt’.
Lawyer Fatma Lasheen files a law suit asking to be appointed as judge. If she wins, the door will be open for women for the first time to sit on the bench.
The Permanent Committee for Scientific Research and Fatwa in Saudi Arabia issued a statement supporting what was issued by the Higher Islamic Theological Council in Lebanon regarding civil marriage.
In a meeting with the American ambassador to Egypt, Dr. Nasr Farid Wassel, the Grand Mufti of Egypt, said that there is no religious persecution of Christians by Muslims.
Islamic Sharia has nothing against women nominating themselves for public office and voting said the Grand Mufti Nasser Farid Wassel.


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