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The author opposes a possible return of Dr. Nasr Abu Zaid to Egypt as long as he refuses the repent for certain statements in his books which the author considers to be in violence with Islam.
Reasons are given why some women wear the headscarf and sometimes even cover their face with the nigab and why others don’t do this.
It is time to do Dr. Nasr Hamed Abu Zeid justice and give him his credit back and remove the injustice done to him. We need his mind, his thinking and his personal interpretation in a phase in which Egypt suffers of the scarcity of intellectuals and lives a mixed and mingled reality that needs big...
Raising rumors about miracles is a continuous phenomenon for Jews. They use such things in order to reach certain religious and political goals, especially in times of historical crises.
The author of this article argues that the Jews are using stories in the Torah (which he regards as myths) to arouse the religious enthusiasm of the Jews and direct it to serve the goal of making Jerusalem Jewish, and fulfilling the goal of making it the eternal capital of Israel.
The author quotes extensively from imam al-Baqouri who was known for his positive attitudes towards Christians.
Mohammed Shebl criticizes two hadiths which have been used by extremists to justify their activities. He argues that those who deny that these hadiths lead to terrorism in fact encourage terrorism. The RNSAW asked Dr. Abdel Mo’ti Bayoumi, dean of the College of the Foundation of Religion (Usul el-...
Wa’el Ibrashi got hold of the report the Azhar prepared about Abdel Sabour Shahin and discovered that the report can provide a new charter of freedom of speech, thought and " ijtihad " , bringing to a halt an approach of hunting down intellectuals, thinkers and artists as disparagingly tackling...
Al-Turabi said that Mohammed renewed the jurisprudence of the Prophets and he came to renew the jurisprudence of Mohammed.
Islamist sheikh Gamal Qutb condemned Naguib Mahfouz and Nasr Abu Zeid and declared their thoughts contradictory to Islam. He criticized the use of their books in universities. Sheikh Qutb anticipated that Islam will predominate in America and Europe soon.
The followers of Libyan leader Al-Qadhafi denied the Sunna with the full knowledge of the Sheikh Al-Azhar and without him taking any action against them.
The Sunna deniers are lying about the Sunna by saying that it was not fair of Prophet Mohammed to say that the price of the dead woman is half the price of the dead man.
Today we are going to continue our discussion about the religious minorities, especially the Orthodox Copts. The Orthodox Copts were used for a kind of imperialistic penetration. They were considered by any occupation as a minority which had to be protected form the hands of the Muslims. As we...
In this article, Al-Qadhafi courted the Muslim woman in her religion and said to the men that if they had the right to marry more than one woman, then the women had the right to marry more than one man. He also said that relations between young men and women had no limits.
In this article, Al-Qadhafi confirms that he had not deleted anything from the Qur’an. He also stated that the Hadiths of the Prophet could not be included among the necessities of the religion or the foundations of the faith.
In this article, the author of the substitute of the Sunna involves the name of Libya’s president in the same case. He said that Al-Qadhafi and he had taken their information from one source and consequently the results were the same.
Sheikh Tantawi says incest is in complete violation of the Qur`an and that those who commit incest should be severely punished.
In a new book, the Zionists have been fabricating the whole truth about Christianity, Islam and their role in history. The book is entitled "The Jewish 100". The author of this book stated that father Ibrahim was a Jew but the author of this article says the Qur’an states he was a Muslim.
During the last weeks, the secularists claimed that Islam rejects art and considers it its enemy. But the Islamic view is that real art is the one which elevates the soul, purifies it from all evils and raises it to different cultural and mental levels.
Sobhi Mansour and Rashad Khalifa said in one voice that everyone who says that Mohammed is the prophet of God is an apostate. According to al-Ahrar Sobhi Mansour said that Al-Azhar is the castle of the devil.
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