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Michael Sabah, Latin Catholic Patriarch in Jerusalem and Middle East, demanded freedom for Muslims and Christians to visit the holy places in Jerusalem during the month of Ramadan and Christmas.
An Egyptian from Port Said became the secretary-general of the Islamic Union in the USA. There are ten million Muslims in the US, attempting to become a pressure group, penetrating all positions.
Islamic minorities are dotted across 110 countries of the world. They are divided along the lines of religious persecution, continued harassment, sacrilegious treatment of mosques, making Muslims homeless, regarding them as citizens not even of the second class but of the fifth class who are...
The author laments the style in which writers have been discussing the Muslim Christian issues.
    CIDT Intern Vanessa Panaligan analyzes the role and effectiveness of a new breed of religious authority--the Islamic telepreacher....  
The following article presents the full text of the interview with His Royal Highness Prince Hassan of Jordan.
The following article presents a text from Christianity Today, discussing an interview between His Royal Highness Prince Hassan Ibn Talal and Drs. Cornelis Hulsman. He discusses his drive to preserve the Arab Christian world.
Interview: Cornelis HulsmanThe following article presents an interview between His Royal Highness Prince Hasan Ibn Talal of Jordan, and Drs. Cornelis Hulsman. Issues discussed include Christian emigration from the Arab world, reform, and political issues in the Middle East.
Drs. Huslman wishes all Muslim readers a blessed end to the period of fasting, and points to an article highlighting the difficulties on reporting on Islam in the West.
Imān al-Najjār reports about the recent fatwás issued by unqualified people.
Religious fractions as justification to create a Coptic state are discussed.
Lawyer Nabīh al-Wahsh calls for an urgent trial against Muslim thinker Jamāl al-Bannā. He filed a claim to the attorney general and called into question al-Bannā’s mental state.
Clergymen and governors of the different Egyptian governorates discuss inter-religious cordial relations.
The article is an interview with Sir Derek Plumbly, the British ambassador in Cairo who is about to leave Cairo and return to Britain. At the end of his tenure, Plumbly reflects on his feelings toward Egypt and how the country has changed.
The extremist right-wing of The Netherlands has opposed the appointment of Dr. Ṭāriq Ramaḍān at the University of Leiden Islamic Studies Chair, under claims that it had been financed by the fascist state of Oman.
Last week’s Egyptian press tended to reflect on the reasons behind and potential consequences of the eye-catching phenomenon of Niqāb-clad women prevailing in all classes of society.
In the article, a parliamentary member has launched an inquiry into the Prime ministry for not curbing what he described as chaos of Fatwás on satellite channels as well as in state religious institutions.
The following text presents a number of the most popular Islamic Dā‘iyahs in the modern time.
The author discusses a television program entitled, ‘King Farouk – Egypt’s last king,’ and the image of the monarchy as being inductive to driving Egypt toward development and pluralism.
The author discusses the tradition of Ramaḍān Ifṭār banquets, and the “rosy picture” that they present of Muslim-Christian relations.
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