The author discusses the rising tension between the Muslim Brotherhood and the government. It considers the Brotherhood’s intention to run in the Shūrá Council elections under their slogan “Islam is the Solution.”
Although the recent amendments to the Egyptian Constitution ban any political participation that uses religious slogans or authorities, the Muslim Brotherhood has declared it would enter the coming elections of the Shūrá Council with their famous slogan, "Islam is the Solution."
Amidst his visit to Abu Dhabi to inaugurate the new Coptic Orthodox Cathedral there, Pope Shenouda III was interviewed by al-Ahrām newspaper, in which he spoke about Copt-related issues.
Dr. Mustafá al-Fiqī stressed that Islam is an integrated religion and suitable for all ages and all people throughout the world.
Dr. Mahmūd Hamdī Zaqzūq, minister of endowments, said that there is nothing mentioned in the Qur’ān or Sunnah prohibiting the celebration of Shamm al-nasīm.
Amnesty International issued its annual report on Egypt. The report aroused the anger of the Egyptian government because it referred to alleged violations and abuses that contradict international human rights in Egypt. The Egyptian government rejected the report and described it as “unjust and...
The exclusion of National Democratic Party members from selecting candidates came as a shock to many members, prompting them to hold several meetings in East Cairo to discuss handing in a mass resignation to embarrass the party.
It is normal for the National Democratic Party to appoint Coptic businessmen to the Shūrá Council for it will guarantee that its privatization policy would not face any opposition, and guarantee their loyalty.
Coptic Orthodox church asked the National Democratic Party to nominate a Copt to the third constituency that includes Muharrām Bik, Ghurbāl, and Karmūz which have a large Coptic population.
Husām Tammām writes about the Muslim Brotherhood and their political plans.
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