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Ayman al-Hakīm traces the incident of takfīr a Yemeni poet after he published extremely controversial works.
The historical, cultural and ideological differences between Sunnī and Shī‘ah Muslims are outlined by different scholars in this article.
The author says Shaykh Yūsuf al-Qaradāwī is trying to spark strife between Shī‘ah and Sunnī in Egypt with false accusations against the Shī‘ah. He challenges him to obtain evidence for these claims, describing him as a liar and inciter.
The article is about a workshop on freedom of expression and the interference of religious men in scientific research.
The author refutes claims made by figures in the outlawed Muslim Brotherhood group that Egyptian novelist Najīb Mahfūz has come from under the group’s cloak, arguing that Mahfūz’s relations with the Brotherhood have never been good as they claim.
The author discusses the thriving market of audiotapes containing preaching by salafist shaykhs attacking Shī‘ah and warning Sunnī Muslims against supporting them on the grounds that they are "apostates who allege that the revelation was meant for ‘Alī Ibn Abī Tālib but for Archangel Gabriel’...
The author discusses the issue of terrorists targeting Britain, which explains the tough security measures adopted by the U.K after attempted suicide operations were foiled.
Few months ago, a number of imprisoned Jihād leaders declared their renunciation of violence, shifting away from their literal approach to the interpretation of Islamic texts towards the socio-historical mode of exegesis that characterizes mainstream Islamic groups.
The author criticizes Islamic writer Muhammad ‘Umāra and his contradictory positions, shifting from Marxism to Islamist extremist ideologies.
Muhammad Rabī‘a discusses the growing phenomenon of ‘militias’ of men and women accusing people of unbelief and criticizing their dress on the public transport system.


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