Date of Publication:
31 Dec 2015
This report deals exclusively with the Muslim Brotherhood and their supporters’ sometimes hateful rhetoric.
Date of Publication:
17 Jun 2014
The identity of Muslim women in post-colonial Egypt has largely been marginalized in the transition to modernity.
Date of Publication:
1 Aug 2013
This report was commissioned by the German organization, Missio, in 2004.
Date of Publication:
1 Sep 2009
Jamāl al-Bannā is a household name in Egypt, where he is famous both in his own right, as a prominent and sometimes controversial Muslim intellectual and writer, and because of his brother Has
Date of Publication:
1 Dec 2007
The concept of jihād is a controversial topic of discussion among both Muslim and Western scholars, but it also a widely misused and misinterpreted term that needs to be carefully analyzed. 
ʿAmrū Khālid was born in a well-off family in 1967 in Alexandria, Egypt. From 1998 onwards Khālid became a full time dāʿiyah as he expanded his enterprise to satellite-television with his first tele-preacher show. Khālid aims at a revival of the Arab world pointing to the current obvious...
Rifʿat al-Saʿīd was born in al-Mansūrah, al-Daqahlīyah governorate on 11 October, 1932. al-Saʿīd is considered as one of the most prominent leftist figures in Egypt. In 2005, al-Saʿīd criticized the amendment proposed by President Ḥusnā Mubārak to article 67 of the Egyptian constitution. The...
A man named ‘lantern’ finds a buried treasure, and with the money builds a church and extends a priesthood. If only all tales of Coptic Orthodox churches were so adventurous. (Some are.) The village of Qufādah, home of the Virgin Mary and St. Abaskhiroun Church, is about a 30-45 minute drive from...
A few months ago, the Grand Imam filed a lawsuit against the General Secretary of the Azhar Scholars’ Front because the latter wrote an article which the former believed was meant to criticize him. The president of the court asked for a reconciliation between them because both are great scholars...
Two controversial items in the draft of the new Personal Status Law are Al-Khul’a [a woman’s right to divorce her husband without explanation in exchange for renouncing all her marriage rights and returning the dowry he had given for her], and the right of a married Muslim woman to travel on her...


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