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One must be cautious when writing about religious leaders, as they have mastered the art of speaking to an audience. Humans have a penchant for self-deception and self-justification; when mixed with religious language manipulation is easily manufactured, even if unintentionally advanced. People...
Interview with Dr. Mohammed Sayyed Tantawi, Grand Sheikh of the Azhar, about a range of actual subjects in Egypt, including regulating pilgrimage, his opposition to the embargo of Iraq, religious censorship, the new magazine of the Azhar, a fatwa on taking loans, presenting religious personalities...
Writing in his column "Issues Today", the author explains how easy it is to convert is Islam.
With the start of the month of Ramadan this year Antoine, a Christian youth from the governorate of Al-Minia, Ashraf and a member of the Rotary club have compiled a book under the title ’Prayer in Ramadan’.
Interrogations are underway in the Azhar University with a number of the leaders of the Azhar scholars front.
The article reports on the release of Isrā’ ‘Abd al-Fattāh after 18 days of abduction on charges of inciting the so-called April 6 general strike.
Shaykh Yūsuf al-Badrī has filed a complaint to the general prosecutor’s office against an Evangelical church’s monthly magazine, accusing it of offending Islam and Muslims.
In an exclusive meeting with Ṣawt al-Ummah, Nāhid Mitwallī, a Muslim woman who converted to Christianity 17 years ago, speaks about the details of her conversion, her doctrinal and faithful background and the new issues in her case.
Days before the Shūrá Council elections, the electoral campaigns have witnessed heated battles between the candidates of the Muslim Brotherhood and the ruling National Democratic Party. Both struggling blocks have accused each other of violating the law and showing religious references on their...
In this interview, the minister of religious endowments warns of "foolish acts" by some Muslims, which he says could pose a real threat to the Muslim nation, stressing that the niqāb is a tradition and not a religious duty.


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