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The author, who is the press advisor of Pope Shenouda III of Alexandria, reviews some of the Pope’s main characteristics.
An overview of the Baha’i faith and interview with two practicing Baha’is. They discuss the Baha’is relationship with the authorities and views on women and other religions.
Youssuf Sidhom presents the case of a Copt who was accused of forgery when he attempted to gain a national identity card stating that he was Christian.
Pope Shenouda III of Alexandria has given orders to defrock two priests for violating the church’s teachings.
Talāl al-Ansārī, the second defendant in the 1974 al-Fanīya al- ‘Askarīya organization, who had been sentenced to death along with two others but whose sentence was commuted to imprisonment, resumes his diary which Rose al-Yousuf magazine publishes in episodes.
President Muhammad Husnī Mubārak sent yesterday his warm greetings to Pope Shenouda III of Alexandria, patriarch of the See of Saint Mark, and to Egyptian Copts abroad, extending his best wishes for Easter to all Orthodox churches.
Some hidden facts about Baha’i faith and its history that reveals Zionism and American support to its leaders and followers.
The recent ruling by the Administrative Judiciary Court recognizing the Bahā’ī faith in Egyptian official documents like identity cards, passports or birth certificates has triggered outcry from official Muslim religious institutions that vehemently reject the ruling.
Sidhom continues his series of articles about the recent problems in implementing the new computerized identity card scheme in Egypt, which is to be completed by 2007. He offers the stories of several Christians who have had problems gaining the correct identity cards.
The author expressed the opinion that when the Italian Prime Minister said that the Western Civilization was superior to the Islamic one, he did not understand the difference between civilization and religion and that was why he compared between the Western civilization and the Islamic religion....
"Coptic Egypt, The Christians of the Nile" by Professor Christian Cannuyer fills in five chapters and an appendix of important documents. It deals with the early history of the Copts, Coptic Christology, Coptic art, Christian conversions to Islam and Copts in the Modern Era.
A project for a huge Egyptian production of a film about the life of Jesus Christ has triggered outcries from the Coptic Orthodox Church.
Pope Shenouda has allegedly threatened to defrock any monk who remarries divorced Copts without permission from the clerical council, since the Coptic Orthodox Church only allows divorce in a few, limited circumstances.
The author argues that Pope Shenouda can do nothing more to stop Father Zakarīya Butrus attacking Islam, since Butrus is no longer part of the Coptic Orthodox church, and therefore does not fall under the pope’s authority.
The sectarian violence incidents in the village of Al-Ayyat did not have any effect on the atmosphere of the Ramadan iftar dinner hosted by Pope Shenouda at the Coptic Cathedral. Speeches focusing on national unity between Muslims and Copts were delivered by the Speaker of the People´s...
It is claimed that the extremists and the fanatic Islamic groups control faculty mosques. Yet, all university principals emphasize that they fully control them, especially since most of their Imams are appointed by the Ministry of Endowments [Awqaf].
Problems for those attempting to obtain computerized identity cards before the 2007 deadline.
The author reports that the health of Pope Shenouda does not seem to be good, as he looked tired during his weekly meeting in the St. Mark Cathedral.
The six applicants have notified the civil status department in the Cairo district of al-
The era of President Husnī Mubārak has witnessed some kind of balanced relations in a way that was not available in the previous one.
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