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Notes on the occasion of Prof. Mike Reimer's 60th birthday, assistant professor of history at the American University in Cairo. Muslim-Christian relations are so much more complex as media tend to report. 
Repeatedly we hear of reports that Muslims are attacking Christians. One such recent report is a clash in Alexandria in which one Christian died from a heart attack.  “A fight started between two young men, one Copt and the other Muslim, when the Copt allegedly sexually harassed the latter's...
In October 2012 Arab-West Report organized for the Dutch political parties VVD (liberal) and CDA (Christian Democrat) a visit of representatives of five Egyptian political parties to The Netherlands in the context of the MATRA South Programme of the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs that is...
This meeting took place in a teahouse in Zamālik on December 12, 2012, only days before the referendum on December 15. This text was approved by the SGP delegation and has been sent to Dr. Jamīlah Ismā’īl by the end of December who, however, has had no time to review this.
Cornelis Hulsman has given us on March 16 a good opportunity to know more about his activity through the news agency Arab-West Report.  
Students of the Fine Arts Faculty in Zamalek discovered a new claimer to prophethood. The surprise is that he is a Black American, who spread his call - that consisted of four messages - in several foreign countries, then came to Egypt among a tourist group to spread his claims, and enjoy [his...
Dr. George Carey, the archbishop of Canterbury and the head of the Episcopal Church had been invited by the Grand Sheik of the Azhar and spoke about religious tolerance between Islam and Christianity.
The Russian Orthodox Patriarchate decided to send Archpriest Dimitry Netsvetaev to Egypt. He obtained a church-building from the Greek Orthodox Church in Cairo but has no funds to restore the building which had been neglected for decades.
Together with hundreds of patients, Abdel Hamid Al-Missawi, popular as Sheikh Abdel Hamid, believes that he can cure a variety of illness, psychic problems and also drive out evil spirits that may haunt people.
Do foreign monks living in Egypt suffer persecution from people or from the government? Al-Wafd entered their world to get their opinions about what is happening.


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