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The Hizb Al-Tahrir Al-Islami [Islamic Liberation Party] holds its sixth annual conference in Birmingham today under the banner “Are you British or Muslim?” Ten thousand people, mostly Muslim, will participate in the conference. It discusses the necessity of the participation of Muslims in the...
Ismā‘īl Muntasir, the author, comments on a book by the Italian writer Oriana Fallaci entitled "The Force of Reason,” which includes opinions that he believes reflect Fallaci ’s deep grudge against Islam.
The author reports the argument concerning the subject of the movie Spooks. The film discusses the story of recruiting suicide-fundamentalists in one of the mosques of Birmingham. It presents a false image of Muslims and Islam in Britain. Thus it provokes the anger of Muslims.
Statistics from Britain’s last census show that of the 1.1 million people living in the U.K., but born abroad, over 600,000 originate from Islamic countries.
The article tackles a study on Islam and the West that was published in The Economist. The study draws the conclusion that the West should change Islam in order to be able to deal with it. The article also gives an outline of John Esposito´s book “The Islamic Threat, a Reality or a Legend?”
A delegation of officers of the Scotland Yard prevention of terrorism squad arrived in Cairo to inquire about the activities of the Egyptian fundamentalists who are living in London, the history of their involvement in the cases of religious violence and the sentences that were passed on them in...
John Ord tells the story of his conversion to Islam.
A book of condolence put in display in Birmingham Mosque was stolen. The book was put in display for prayers to convey their condolences to the family of Kenneth Bigley, 62, the British hostage detained for 3 weeks in Iraq before being beheaded by Abu Musaab Al Zarqawi’s group.


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