A number of rights groups denounced Wednesday the ongoing pretrial detention of Āya Hejāzī, her husband Muhammad Hassanēn, and five others in connection with the case against the Belādī Foundation for Street Children.
Egypt's interior ministry said that the two militants killed on Wednesday in the Cairo suburb of Ma`ādi were planning attacks in response to the earlier killing of an Agnād Masr militant group leader by authorities.
The crackdown on freedom of speech and expression continues in Egypt. This last weekend an Egyptian-German academic was denied entry and a social and political cartoonist was arrested and detained for 24 hours.
Egypt's President `Abd al-Fattāh al-Sisi said on Monday that he does not mind criticism, stressing that it is his job to placate disgruntled youths, a day after a cartoonist was arrested for what critics suggest was retaliation for caricatures mocking the former army chief.
Egypt’s deep state is a bureaucratic theocracy. This network forms the infrastructure of the official government. It is accountable to the doctrines put forth by the powerful Islamic clerics of Al-Ahzar Institute. The religion of Islam, when merged with the state, can better exert Allah’s powerful...
The Doctors Syndicate is calling for the prosecution of police conscripts accused of brutality against two doctors in the Mataryyia Teaching Hospital, among other demands that will be presented to the Prosecutor General by a delegation heading to his office Sunday noon.
A prominent author in Egypt has been sentenced to three years in prison for contempt of religion.
The unprecedented inclusion of nine people with disabilities in the Egyptian parliament raises questions as to whether it will bring about legal advantages for such persons in Egypt.
The revolution has triggered a profusion of artistic expressions and opened a vigorous struggle between the independent culture players and those in power. Today, the creators find alternative refuges.
One cannot deny truths when the facts are so obvious for everyone. There are those promoting hatred for the revolution as if it were an illegitimate act involving conspiracy against security forces and an undermining of their foundations. Others believe that maligning the revolution would further...
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