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Salwa Refaat wrote the National Egyptian Heritage Foundation( NEHRA), the Ministries of Culture and Environment and the Antiquities Authority made great efforts to revive the sites on the Holy path. On the same page was an interview with Mr. Mounir Gabbour, Chairman of NEHRA. In: "The Holy Book...
[Note: The same news was published in all Egyptian newspapers of that day.] On the morning of June 3, President Mohammed Hosni Mubarak received the Grand Imam Dr. Mohammed Sayyed Tantawi the Sheikh Al-Azhar, and 19 prominent muslim clerics at the Presidential Palace in Heliopolis yesterday morning...
The 1997 rumor about appearances of the Virgin Mary is being repeated this year. Because of images seen on the walls of its local church, Minya Al-Qamh is currently in a state of confusion and excitement anticipating the appearance of the Virgin Mary and some martyrs.
Since the setback of June 1967, the Al-Ahram paper has lost its credibility in covering Egypt’s internal affairs. 760 repentant Muslim extremists were released but stories of torture committed by police to extract confessions are frequently coming back.
The Endowments Joint Committee that consists of representatives of the Egyptian-Coptic Endowment Authority has held a number of meetings and decided to return to the church a number of Coptic endowments that had been confiscated.
The ’Persecution Show’ in Al-Kushh is a new series in the many series being played against Egypt by its enemies for what came of events last August 15 in Al-Kushh did not deserve more than a 10-sentence news item in a local newspaper in its accident pages, even if this paper were a ’yellow journal...
An autobiography of the phenomenal preacher. The translator added the references to many other articles which appeared about sheikh Sha’arawi in the Egyptian press.
Sheik Mohammed Metwali Al-Sha’arawi, Egypt’s most popular preacher died early in the morning of the 17th of June.
Muhammad Abū al-Dahab reports on news that the Coptic girl of al-Mahallah, Amal Zakī Nasīm – who disappeared last August may be kept at St. Dimyana Monastery in Jamasah.
The following lines provide a resume of the history of the celebration of the Holy Family celebrated annually in the Upper Egyptian village of Jabal al-Tayr. Moreover, the media shed light on the influence of the financial crisis in Egypt on the celebration.


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