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The incidents of Beni Walmis were accidentally filmed by someone of those participated in the journey organized by the church of Mar Girgis in Heliopolis to the Holy Virgin church in Beni Walmis. The article gives the details of the riots, depending on the video film.
An Israeli postage stamp with an offensive picture of a mu’adhin engenders angry reactions in Muslim communities.
Retired actresses are planning to work for Islamic satellite channels, and a number of shops are refusing to sell tight and revealing clothing just to make profit.
The author criticizes the externalization of the Copts’ problems and provides a guide for solving these problems. He also discusses the issue of the renovation of churches and the reforms made by the present government in this matter.
Father Marqus ‘Azīz has recently joined the Shurafā’ al-Ghad Party, a dissident of the Ghad Party, to play a prominent role on the Egyptian political scene. Father ‘Azīz expressed his deep shock at the policies of the National Democratic Party (NDP), which are, according to him, contrary to Mubārak...
On October 15, the Armenian community in Egypt celebrates the 1600th anniversary of the creation of the Armenian alphabet and the Feast of the Holy Translators.
The church has freed itself from these mistakes and was confined to its spiritual and moral role, leaving science for scientists with their research, study and discoveries.
How does one write a polemic that’s non-polemical, a manifesto that’s not manifestly so? With Christians Observed, the Revd. Dr John Watson, a priest in the Church of England and frequent contributor to Watani, has managed to answer the question.
The article of Dr. Samir Girgis about dictatorship in the church sparked many feedbacks, among which is a comment sent by Mansour Sawiris, a member of the Church of St. George in Heliopolis. Mr. Mansour Sawiris stresses that he is not among those close to Pope Shenouda whom he met only once two...
The latest rumor about sectarian unrest has been about a Christian woman who was assaulted in Awlad Ragab [a supermarket] in Cairo. The story is merely an incident of misbehavior and impoliteness by a security worker of a supermarket. Some priests at the churches warned Christian women against...


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