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Muhammad Wajdī Qandīl writes about how the United States sees Islam and how it intends to deal with what he calls the ’green peril’.
A discussion about Tariq Ramadān, his roots and ideology.
Four Muslims, aged between 16 and 20, have been arrested in Denmark on charges of planning suicide attacks in Europe, Dutch police said.
Annemarie Schimmel, who died last year, was a Professor of Islamic studies around the world, and obtained two PhDs, one on Mameluk civilization in Egypt and the other on the history of religions and the position of Islam among divine religions.
Arab ambassadors to Denmark delivered a letter of protest to Danish Prime Minister Anders Fogh Rasmussen condemning 12 drawings of the Prophet Muhammad published few days ago by a Danish daily.
George W. Bush, president of the United States of America, officially a secular state, says he is driven with a mission from God to end the tyranny in Iraq and to fight terrorists in Afghanistan.
Hymn performers have recently tried to develop the spiritual art but they are making a slow progress.
Adel Guindy responded to Dr. Saad Eddin Ibrahim’s article “Islam Can Vote, If We Let It” [art. 5] saying that the article provides a good insight about what Dr. Ibrahim has been repeatedly telling high-level politicians in Washington D.C. and academics and media in the world’s main capitals for...
Al-Ahram daily wrote that “The French magazine Le Point has written that Copts enjoy their full legitimate rights and that controversy over Copts’ rights as Egyptian citizens living on equal terms with Muslims, has ended It is clear from the original Le Point text that al-Ahram printed only part...
Islamic jihād was behind the liberation of the East after 10 centuries of Byzantine, Greek, and Roman tyranny. It then turned the East from the heart of Christianity tothe heart of Islam. This led to Western Christianity’s jealousy, and triggered the crusades. Thus, Latin settlements were implanted...


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