The article reports on a Luxor Copts signature campaign for bringing their defrocked Bishop Ammonius back to his bishopric.
Midhat Bishāy writes about the significance of the birth of Jesus Christ, drawing a link between the celebrations of Christmas and the sectarian incidents in Isnā.
Pope Shenouda III comments on the hottest issues of 2007, and discusses different political, financial, and social issues.
In the wake of the sectarian incidents that took place in the city of Isnā, the author, Hilmī al-Nimnim discusses the reasons behind and consequences of these incidents.
Hānī Labīb discusses the various reactions of Copts toward the recent sectarian incidents that took place in the Upper Egyptian city of Isnā.
Clergymen and governors of the different Egyptian governorates discuss inter-religious cordial relations.
A priest and a historian and intellectual are two examples of sowing sedition and hatred between Muslims ands Christians.
Drs. Cornelis Hulsman comments on three interesting articles in this edition of AWR by Hānī Labīb about Muslim-Christian relations and points to two interviews with Pope Shenouda in this issue that again raise the question of who will succeed the current patriarch.
Pope Shenouda inaugurates a church and restoration works are carried out in a monastery in an Upper Egyptian village.
In his interview with Sanā’ al-Sa‘īd, Pope Shenouda does not expect a quick solution for the Israeli-Palestinian conflict without first achieving Arabic harmony. He also discussed issues related to U.S. aid, foreign interference, the Iranian case, illegal emigration, and other Egypt-related issues.
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