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From the early 90s, new Jewish groups came to Yemen from America to persuade the Yemeni Jews for migration. This happened to be the reason that their number had been distinctly decreasing from about 20,000 to approximately 250. These are still living in Yemen. However, from time to time some...
There was no exodus from Egypt, Joshua didn’t bring down the walls of Jericho, and Solomon’s kingdom was a small, tribal dynasty, an Israeli archaeologist wrote in an article published Thursday.
Israel is seeking a way out for its auxiliary militia, the South Lebanon Army (SLA), when its forces withdraw from southern Lebanon in line with a pledge by Prime Minister Ehud Barak. The SLA currently numbers around 2,500 fighters and 600 men in clerical positions. Though 60 percent of them are...
Plans to introduce civil marriage in Palestinian-controlled areas were denounced on Sunday as "legalized adultery" by Muslim and Christian leaders.
A group calling itself ’An elite of Iraqi thinkers and intellectuals’ criticized the visit of Pope John Paul II to Iraq because the statements made are not in accordance with Islam.
Jordan’s King Abdallah said on October 17 that a rift with the Palestinian militant group Hamas should be resolved soon, as two detained Hamas leaders began a hunger strike in a Jordanian jail.
Hamas, the main Palestinian opposition movement, recently reaffirmed its opposition to the Middle East peace process on the grounds that it would neither enable the Palestinian people to recover their minimum legitimate rights nor realize their national aspirations.
Egyptian security authorities recently announced the sudden and completely unexpected arrest of 20 leaders of the outlawed Muslim Brotherhood.
The head of the Roman Catholic Church in the Holy Land, Michel Sabbah, has accused Israel of discriminating against Christians by giving Muslims permission to build a mosque near the main church in Nazareth over Vatican protests.
The US State Department announced on October 6 that China, Iran, Iraq, Myanmar (Burma), and Sudan were liable for diplomatic and economic sanctions for engaging in "particularly severe violations of religious freedom during the preceding 12 months."
Hundreds of wealthy Beirutis, harkening to the appeal of their Sufi Muslim mystical leader, are moving to the mountains to avoid "catastrophes" as the millennium approaches.
The second article in this series can be found in last week’s RNSAW. This article discusses the traditions of Yemeni Jews and Yemeni Jews living abroad.
About 150 Palestinian Christians demonstrated outside the Church of the Nativity here on Sunday against the Greek leaders of the Orthodox Church, whom they accused of selling land to Israelis.
A group of 25 Christian pilgrims who were barred from Israel and Cyprus arrived at the mainland Greek port of Piraeus on Thursday and were allowed to enter the country, port police said.
The Vatican said Thursday Israel’s controversial plans to build a mosque near the main Christian shrine in Nazareth, where Jesus grew up, were a hindrance to preparations for a visit by Pope John Paul.
A few years ago the former prime minister of Jordan, Taher Masri, commented that "If the 20th was the century of nationalism, then the 21st may be the century of religion". Masri’s premonition appears nowhere more germane than in the stew of sectarian tensions presently stirring (and being stirred...
A bomb exploded in a church in Beirut’s eastern suburbs on October 3, killing a man minutes after a mass was held there, an eyewitness said.
Israeli Public Security Minister Shlomo Ben Ami and the Latin Patriarch of Jerusalem Michel Sabbah failed to reach agreement on Tuesday on a land dispute between Muslims and Christians in Nazareth that threatens to mar Millennium celebrations.
The spiritual leader of Islamic Resistance Movement Hamas warned in a newspaper interview a massive anti-Israeli attack could take place "at any time."
His Majesty King Abdullah on Wednesday said he was fully supportive of the measures the government took against the Islamic Resistance Movement, Hamas, and that the decision to close down the group’s offices here was final.
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