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The Israeli government has officially requested Egypt that it [be allowed to] build in Cairo the largest synagogue in the Middle East together with a Wailing Wall. Israel said in its request that was sent via diplomatic channels, that Egypt’s acceptance to this request will assure and strengthen...
Egyptian people disappeared from Islamic historical books, making Egypt to seem as if it was, on the eve of occupation, an empty, uninhabited stretch of land. Hardly any references have been made to the Egyptian people or the Copts. By omitting the Coptic age in syllabuses they think in a non-...
The state honored the Coptic writer, Counselor Edward Ghali El-Zahabi, former Chief of the Court of State (hai’it Qadaya el-Dawla), an authority on the study of the rights of non-Muslims in an Islamic society, and a former member of the People’s Assembly, on the occasion of the Holy Mulid of the...
An interview with the Minister of Interior about the security situation; releasing fundamentalist detainees, fighting terrorism, the minister’s refusal to meet with the Muslims Brothers, the branch of the F. B. I. in Cairo, Egypt’s attitude to Britain’s refusal to extradite terrorists.
Sub-titles: The issue of Jerusalem will not be solved through negotiations, be ready for other options. I refused to visit Bethlehem because the Israeli flag profanes its lands. We have to take an action to face the Israeli nuclear domination With confidence, faith and cheerfulness, Pope Shenouda...
Pope Shenouda wants to see the boycotts on Iraq and Libya are lifted. He believes the Israeli conflict with the Arabs is a conflict of greed. He also said the problem of the Coptic endowments is close to a final solution, thanks to the government.
We have become ’the kings of talk’. We just react by talking. The Arab governments are reacting only by more talk and condemnation.
In the last issue of the debate aired by the Qatari Al-Jezira channel between Maurice Sadek, President of the Center for Human rights and National Unity, and Mustafa Bakri, editor-in-chief of Al-Osboa newspaper, Sadek had said that the Egyptian government is a racist government and should be...
Dr. Mohammed Sayyed Tantawi, Sheikh Al-Azhar has been much opposed by more conservative or radical Muslims. Examples are given.
Michael Sabah, Latin Catholic Patriarch in Jerusalem and Middle East, demanded freedom for Muslims and Christians to visit the holy places in Jerusalem during the month of Ramadan and Christmas.
The article discusses the image of Jews in religious films in Egypt and concludes that their image is related to political circumstances, that is relations between Egypt and Israel. The title doesn’t cover the content of the article and is probably not made by the author.
Michael Sabbah, the Latin Patriarch of Jerusalem, spoke in his annual message for peace in the Holy Land and the region. Growing incidents between Christians and Muslims are not spontaneous, he said.
Gamal Asa’ad Abdelmalik preached from the pulpit of the Azhar and criticized the American air raids on Iraq.
A TV station from Qatar organized a live debate on the American Freedom of Religious Persecution Law and el-Koshh between Mustafa Bakri, editor in chief of Al-Osboa newspaper, and Maurice Sadek, president of the Center for Human Rights and National Unity. Sadek, who defended the recently accepted...
The opinions of the late Sheikh Mitwali Al-Sha’arawi and Father Matta Al-Meskin summarize to a large extent the features of the personality of Pope Shenouda.
Since the setback of June 1967, the Al-Ahram paper has lost its credibility in covering Egypt’s internal affairs. 760 repentant Muslim extremists were released but stories of torture committed by police to extract confessions are frequently coming back.
A few days ago, the French paper ’Le Monde’ revealed the escalation of religious persecution practices in Israel by the government and extreme Jewish groups. The paper said the acts of persecution are directed against Christians and Muslims in the occupied Arab territories and in Israel itself.
The Egyptian Organization for Human Rights was mistaken in explaining the events of Al-Koshh but it is certain there is no conspiracy behind what happened.
"Peace for minorities", that is Israel’s secret slogan. Israel beliefs that wars and conflicts "gathers" Arabs together and peace "scatters" them.
According to the author, the character of the Sheikh al-Azhar has changed since he became sheikh al-Azhar a few years ago. The calm, kind and pleasant person has become very nervous and cannot stand a word of criticism.
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