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A press conference was held by Pope Shenouda before his departure from Lebanon after he attended the Executive Committee meeting of the Churches of the Middle East in Beirut.
Dr. Sufi Abu-Taleb became the chairman of the Egyptian Parliament in a very important period of Egyptian history, during which he discussed ways to apply Islamic jurisprudence to Egyptian law . In this interview he expresses his views on Islamic sharia, Jerusalem and other topics.
The celebrations of ’Bethlehem 2,000’, which will be held this coming Easter marking 2,000 years since the Birth of Christ, have been opposed by the Israelis who said the attendance of Christian pilgrims at the celebrations in Bethlehem would be ’a security threat’.
The Arab Orthodox Churches of Palestine have called on Arab nationalist groups to protect their land which is being sold to the Israelis by the Greek Orthodox Patriarch Zeoudorous.
Pope Shenouda III affirmed his rejection of statements made by some US and Israeli bodies on the oppression of Egyptian Copts in Egypt. "These people are not responsible for us, for we are responsible for ourselves," said Pope Shenouda. He also rejected comparisons made between the situation of...
An Egyptian family discovered that it has inheritance in the occupied Palestinian lands. This inheritance includes some of the Aqsa mosque courts and parts of the Wailing Wall.
Iran has disarmed against its number one public enemy Salman Rushdie who was hunted by the Fatwa (Islamic religious decree) declared by the late Ayatollah Khomeni, and issued more than nine years ago.
Rose el-Youssef describes the life of Lieutenant General Fouad Aziz Ghali, a Coptic Christian, leader of an Egyptian army and a hero of the October war of 1973.
A group of ’the Ancestors of the Crusaders’ has unexpectedly arrived in Lebanon apologizing for what their ancestors did around 900 years ago.
Christians in Jordan are well off. They are also reaching high government positions.
Also this article criticizes the above mentioned brochure and asks how Muslims should respond.
The supreme guide of the Brotherhood remembers the founder’s definition of this organization.
Pope Shenouda announces that allowing the Copts to visit Jerusalem on the occasion of Christ’s 2000 birthday is a problem to which he has not yet found a solution.
Members of founding committee of the International Islamic Council for Daawa and Aid ask for a united position against the Israeli Judaization of Jerusalem and the American Freedom from Religious Persecution Act.
Further examination of the lobbyists behind the Freedom of Religious Persecution Act.
Background: ʿAbd al-Raʾūf al-Rawābdah (born 1939) is a Jordanian politician and became prime minister of Jordan in 1999. In the 1967 Six-Day War (otherwise known as the Arab-Israeli War), Israel overpowered Egypt, Jordan and Syria. It then occupied the West Bank, the Gaza Strip and East Jerusalem...
Shaykh Sālim ‘Abd al-Jalīl, Undersecretary of the Ministry of Endowments, has told shaykhs to not pray for President Mubārak on Friday, saying that it is inappropriate to mix Du‘ā’ and politics together. Various media have revealed that the Ministry of Endowments previously asked shaykhs and...
The following article presents the full text of the interview with His Royal Highness Prince Hassan of Jordan.
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