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In his three articles, ‘Abd al-Khāliq stresses the anti-Islamic strategy of the United States and highlights the role of the American Democratic Party to mend the deformed picture of the U.S. in its two sided foreign strategy.
The author discusses the issue of the ordination of women in various Christian denominations and traditions.
The author reflects on the life and experiences of Michael Fitzgerald, the new Apostolic Nuncio to Egypt and the Roman Catholic delegate to the League of Arab States and the significant future contributions he can make to Christian-Muslim dialogue.
The review takes up varied opinion articles in the Egyptian and Arab press about the statements of Pope Benedict XVI of the Roman Catholic Church in which he purportedly attacked Islam and the Prophet Muhammad in a lecture he gave in a German university.
Dan Brown’s widely popular novel The Da Vinci Code has caused a storm of controversy in the Christian world, due to allegations about Jesus and the Christian faith. The Christian Council of Korea has described the novel as an attempt to distort the facts, defame Jesus Christ’s sanctity and...
The author is of the opinion that the statement of the Italian Prime Minister expressed the allures and ambitions of the West and its belief that Islam and the Arabic civilization is its real enemy. He compass between the old Crusades and the new one declared by President Bush, concluding that the...
Dār al-‘Uloum Faculty has organized a cultural day on the role of translation in inter-cultural dialogue.
Hamdī Rizq discusses the issue of the finance of the Muslim Brotherhood, believing that their unclear activities raise questions about the credibility of their religious slogans.
The author gives examples from many countries showing that violence is still practiced against women despite the many rights they have been granted.
Jaerock Lee claims to be God’s son. He says his image appears on the sun and the moon and that his soul heals the sick and helps the poor.


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