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The author reviews an old article of Pope Shenouda published in 1951. The article expresses the Pope’s opinion on the idea of establishing a churches union.
The author describes his visit to the al-Muqattam Monastry and to the cave of St. Polā.
The author writes about the history and current status of the Coptic Museum, having been recently inaugurated by President Mubārak after restoration works.
President Husnī Mubārak recently inaugurated the Coptic Museum which reopened its doors after the completion of renovation works. The museum contains more than 14 thousand rare pieces.
Money may push many to commit illegal acts. Here the author explains how many churches were robbed by certain people who managed to deceive Christian religious men, making use of the “religious bond”.
The article investigates a visit to Egypt by a delegation of Israeli students from the University of Ben-Gurion under the declared objective of letting Israeli students get closer to Arab and Islamic culture.
The Culture and Media Committee at the People’s Assembly has called for launching an Islamic satellite channel so as to defend Islam.
Ashley Makar writes about the concept of martyrdom in Egypt, the Alexandria incidents, where a Muslim man ran amuck with a knife, stabbing worshippers and killing one man and the image Egyptians have of ‘the other.’
The author recounts the history of the Jewish ghetto in Old Cairo and the synagogues in Egypt, as well as the activities of Jews who used to inhabit that ghetto.
Old Cairo is one of the most important places for religious tourism in Egypt, as the Hanging Church, the oldest church in the world and Amr Ibn Al-A’as mosque, the oldest mosque in Egypt are located there. Both the church and the mosque are restored at the expenses of the State. There is no...


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