Ahmad Shawqī al-Fanjarī argues that the application of the hudoud [Islamic penal code] must be proceeded by social reform, and that its application has only led to great suffering.
Arab ambassadors to Denmark delivered a letter of protest to Danish Prime Minister Anders Fogh Rasmussen condemning 12 drawings of the Prophet Muhammad published few days ago by a Danish daily.
An attack on the ’so-called analysts’ of satellite television who argue that terrorist operations are only a reaction, provoked by the atrocities committed by the Americans and Israelis in Palestine, Afghanistan, Kashmir and Iraq.
An article claiming that French women, who have converted to Islam, are being recruited for Jihād. In an interview, Pope Shenouda III answers questions about the Coptic Orthodox Church’s stance towards expatriate Copts and the conference they were to hold to discuss persecution of Copts in Egypt....
Dr. Zaghloul al-Najjār has again interpreted the Pakistan earthquake as a divine wrath.
John Ord tells the story of his conversion to Islam.
Some of the scholars in the dormant Muslim world are busying themselves with only saying all that is new is Haram [unlawful according to the Islamic shari’a.] In fact, some Muslims still believe that the Internet, satellite channels, women’s perfume are haram, at a time our peers on earth live the...
The conduct and rhetoric of Muslim leaders and their failure to address the stagnation of their societies has fueled the tensions between Islam and the West. Relations between Muslims and the West will continue to deteriorate unless the internal crisis of the Muslim world is also addressed.
The book “Al-Gharb wa Al-Alam Al-Islami” [The West and the Islamic World] is a legitimate tool that can be used to defend Islamic identity, faith and civilization that are being attacked under the pretext of [being a breeding ground for] terrorism. The Egyptian author Salwa Bakr co-authored this...
It is quiet natural that the desecration of a Holy Book, a Qur’ān or a Bible, ignites rage. It can be ascribed to the human nature that is very susceptible to symbolism and metaphor.
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