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Sheikh Omar Abdel Rahman, who is currently in a US jail, has called for the end of all militant activities in Egypt carried out by Islamic groups and to completely disassociate themselves from the Saudi terrorist Usama Bin Laden. Other extremists leader, however, disagree.
Egyptian Minister of Endowments, Dr. Mohammed Hamdi Zakzouk has agreed on the immediate handing over of 93 feddans (acres) , and 3 yards to the Coptic endowments.
A discussion of whether or not it is necessary or acceptable to have an Islamic party.
An interview with Kees Hulsman.
The victims of the attacks against Coptic property were compensated for the damages they incurred, and a reconciliation session was held in Isnā. Egyptian journalists call for a realistic and objective treatment of the increasing sectarian tension in the country.
The article looks at the aftermath of the sectarian violence in Ísna and comments on the statement from the Egyptians against Religious Discrimination group that condemns the incidents and suggests ways to avoid further sectarian tension in the future.
The author laments the role that parliament and the media played in increasing sectarian violence by ignoring the bill for a unified law for building places of worship during its last session.
Yūsuf Wahīb comments on monks and monasteries in Egypt and discusses monks’ important role in the country since Roman times.
The article discusses a recent crime in Cairo where a Coptic jewellery shop owner and three employees were shot dead outside the shop. As of yet, police remain unsure of the suspects involved in the crime.
The Isnā Court in Qinā governorate decided to cancel the decision of the Isnā City Council’s Committee of Non-Dilapidated Buildings to restore the Evangelical church in Isnā in support of a request submitted by the church priest to demolish the church.


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