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The article covers issues that have made the headlines in Egypt in the last month and includes the story of a postman was detained for two months, a fatwá that was issued declaring that non-Muslims are not apostates and the contentious issue of a piece of land near St. Macarius monastery that has...
Rashā Lābīb reports about women and Christians participating in the parliament elections.
Comments on sectarian tensions during the time that Copts are celebrating Easter.
The article discusses the municipal elections for the National Democratic Party, and complaints filed by individuals who did not run.
Muhammad al-Bāz presents summarized memoirs of some Coptic figures who engaged in struggles for the welfare of their country.
A recent international conference on Christianity and outsets of monasticism is held in the Archangel Michael Monastery in Qena’s Niqādah desert.
‘Abd al-Hakīm al-Qādī accuses a Coptic activist from the southern city of Qena of contacting dubious foreign bodies and making reports that harm national unity.
Clergymen and governors of the different Egyptian governorates discuss inter-religious cordial relations.
An anonymous author alleged that there is a state of conflict between the church represented in the bishop of Naj‘ H...


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