Pope Shenouda III received an invitation from the Vatican to participate in its celebrations of the third millennium measured from the birth of Jesus Christ.
Islamic-Christian dialogue organized at the Gregoriana Papal Catholic University. Discusses Islamic Sharia (law) as a source of legislation in countries with a Muslim majority, human behavior and the Islamic Ijtihad.
No for the pagan adoption; yes for Islamic custody. A Coptic priest believes adoption to be a pagan creation inherited from Byzantine law. Islam replaces adoption with custody to protect family relationships and the holiness of matrimony. Adoption has infiltrated western societies which renounced...
An article on: - The opening of the church of the prophet Moses for visiting tourists. 3750 steps lead to the place where Moses talked to God, - A protocol for twining with the Greek town of St. Catherine, - Renovation of tourist hotels and villages, completion of the building of a new hospital...
The Vatican International Family Conference, organized for the first time in Cairo, witnessed a heated discussion on more heated issues, from abortion, artificial insemination and homosexuality to female circumcision.
Opinions of several Cairo based journalists are given, selecting their criticism on the Sunday Telegraph report. Most space in the article was given to Cornelis Hulsman.
Preparations are currently underway to celebrate the passage of 2,000 years since Christ’s birth. The preparations are being made by the Coptic Church and the Egyptian Ministry of Tourism.
In a letter to the editor, the writer objects to the dialogue between people of different religions.
On the 17th of July Al-Azhar will receive a delegation from the Vatican, in the first meeting between the two sides after the signing of the dialogue document between them last week.
Headline: Pope Shenouda Visits Catholic Church for CongratulationsSource: al-Ahrām Page: 1Author: Not mentionedKeywords: Pope Shenouda III, Coptic Catholic Church --------------------------------------- Headline: First Conference for Opposing Brotherhood Next Week: A Stream to Restrict General...
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