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Dr. Ḥāzim Ḥusnī, professor of economics and political science, dismissed the widespread belief in the existence of a conspiracy in Egypt as a "childish idea."
The Press' Syndicate demanded that the security services seriously and immediately investigate in two cases of the random arrest of journalists from a coffee shop and also in raiding the houses of ʿAmr Badr and Maḥmūd al-Saqqā. 
Member of the Parliament, Muḥammad ʿEsmat  al-Sādāt  was recently elected as the head of the Parliamentary Committee for human rights after winning 27 votes against Ayman Abū al-Ela, the member of the Free Egyptians party,  who only received 9 votes. 
Dr. Amīn Luṭfī, President of Beni Suef University, confirmed the approval of the University Council for the establishment of the National Institute for Human Rights, pointing out that the institute will organize specialized training courses in the field of human rights.
Prominent TV presenter and writer, Ibrāhīm ʿĪssa, stressed in his show broadcast by “Al-Qahira Wa al-Nas channel “, that the development of countries is assessed by the level of its democracy.
In a remote part of Cairo, a small non-governmental organization is working to reduce pollution and improve the standard of living of people with limited opportunities in Egyptian society. An organization called the Window for Contemporary Art and Development - launched in 2005 - has devised a way...
Saif al- Dīn Muḥammad Muṣṭafa, the hijacker of the EgyptAir flight, said in his first court hearing in Nicosia, Cyprus, that he would face the death penalty in the event of his deportation to Egypt. 
In response to the Muslim Brotherhood sympathizing with the terrorist Habbāra, General Secretary of Long Live Egypt Fund, Tāreq Mahmūd, commented that the Muslim Brotherhood's statement in which it deplores the execution of the Sinai militant, `Ādel Habbāra, shows that the banned organization does...
Prominent businessman Aḥmad, said that negligence in Egypt began since the era and the rule of the late President Jamāl 'Abd al-Nāṣir, expressing his hope for reforming the economic conditions of the country during the next ten years. Abū Hāshīma stresses that Egypt has more than 60 million...
The Minister of Immigration and Egyptian Expatriate Affairs, Nabīlah Makram, concluded her visit to Los Angeles, and met with members of the Egyptian community.
An Egyptian Court will issue today, Saturday, its verdict on the lawsuit to ban all religious parties that had been founded after the January 25 Revolution, the Salafi and Muslim Brotherhood at the fore.
In a statement released by president of Hizb Misr al-Horreya (The Egypt Freedom Party, EFP),Tāmer Sehāb, the Party calls on the Minister of Justice to bring himself to justice.
President of the Egyptian Organization for Human Rights (EOHR) and member of the National Council for Human Rights (NCHR), Hāfez Abu-Se`da, considered the reform and modernization of the police apparatus and the general prosecution are crucial for the achievement of transitional justice.
Egypt's National Council For Human Rights (NCHR) mourned the death of veteran journalist Muhammad Hassanein Haikal, who passed away on Wednesday at the age of 92.
Following the military-themed funeral to be held today at 4 pm in the presence of important dignitaries, head of the Coptic Orthodox Church, Pope Tawadros II, will lead the funeral service for late Dr. Botros Botros Ghālī in church, Cairo at 5 pm of the same day.
Since the ancient Egypt to the present day, the concept of duality colors much of the Egyptian way of thinking. Many symbols were used by the ancient Egyptians, some of their associations and meanings are lost to us.
Israeli Army Radio said that Egypt's Ministry of Education has included a new chapter on the Egyptian-Israeli peace treaty to schools syllabus.  According to the Israeli medium, the chapter dealing with the Camp David signed agreement between the two countries has been described in a matter-of-...
This occasionally repeated uproar, calling for the abolition of peaceful demonstration and gathering law, holds doubts and suspicions about the motives of those who voice its annulment. Never was there an implication to prohibit the right of protest; however, it must be generally accepted that the...
Egyptian human rights activists demanded the end of police arbitrary practices against political prisoners held in custody. The activists called on the Parliament to amend the present legislation that permits successive custody terms that may last for several years. The custodial sentence is...
The Human Rights Center to Support Digital Expression, known as HRDO, said that the year 2016 witnessed successive attacks Egyptian people suffered due to violations practiced by Egyptian security forces, such as abduction, torture, and forced disappearance.
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