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Human Rights Watch (HRW) raised its concern about what it called “travel restrictions” on civilians in Egypt, saying that the state is turning its borders into “de facto prison walls”.
A prisoner at Tora Prison died Thursday, due to what opposition blocs referred to as medical neglect by prison officials in providing necessary care.
On top of the biggest winners of the first stage of Egypt's parliamentary elections, held between 17 and 28 October in 14 governorates, are Copts and women.
Twitter users launched a hashtag called “Where is Massouny?” to demand the disclosure of the whereabouts of activist Mustafa Massūni.
Egypt had approved legislation allowing individuals accused of committing violations against state institutions to be referred to military courts.
The African Commission on Human and Peoples' Rights (ACHPR) issued a recommendation to the Egyptian government to take all necessary measures to stop the implementation of any death sentences against Dr. Muhammad Badī` (the Muslim Brotherhood's Leader), pursuant to the provisions of the African...
A resident of the Egyptian village Ruzayqāt, filed a claim at the police station of the city of Armant , southern Luxor claiming that a candidate had threatened of kidnapping his son if he doesn't give him his vote in the second round of parliamentary elections.
In a tweet he posted today, former minister of state for parliamentary affairs in the Muslim Brotherhood's cabinet of Hishām Qandīl, Muhammad Mahsūb describes the extension of the state of emergency on the Egyptian peninsula as a constitutional violation, reflecting a policy that destructs Egypt's...
In a phone interview on Egypt's Al-`Āsema TV Channel, the leader of the Salafi Al-Nūr Party, Yūnes Makhiūn said that the debate over a reconciliation between the Egyptians and the Muslim Brotherhood is premature, adding that the people absolutely reject the idea of reconciliation.
In a telephone interviewed conducted by Al-Yawm al-Sābi`, Dr. Salāh Sālem of Egypt's National Organization for Human Rights suggested the postponement of the parliamentary electoral polling in 2 constituencies of Al-`Arīsh province: Rafah and Shaikh Zūwaid.


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