AWR Papers

Arab-West Report Papers

These papers discuss one subject at length and are reviewed by Egyptian and/or Western academics. This has resulted in a number of unique studies about subjects that are rarely covered in depth elsewhere. These papers are completed texts but texts from reviewers often include suggestions for further research.

Paper Number Date of Publication Title
36 2011-05-23 Blessed Are They Who Are Persecuted for Theirs is the Kingdom of Heaven - Religious Resistance among Coptic Christians in Egypt (Bachelor Thesis)
28 2011-02-10 The context of the brutal attack on a Coptic Orthodox Church in Alexandria on January 1, 2011
27 2011-02-10 Egyptian Demonstrations and the Muslim Brotherhood
30 2011-01-15 The Legal framework of Mosque building and Muslim religious affairs in Egypt: towards a strengthening of State control
29 2011-01-05 Dr. Zaghloul al-Najjār in the Egyptian press; polemics and controversy
22 2010-02-27 Reconciliation Sessions in the Egyptian Newspapers, 1998 to present: Analysis and Observations
23 2010-02-27 Report on Reconciliation in the Egyptian Legal System: Including a Historical and Political Survey
24 2010-02-27 Faith Based Conflict Resolution For the Muslim – Christian Conflict in Egypt
26 2010-02-27 Social Reconciliation: Pre- and Post-Conflict in the Egyptian Setting
21 2010-02-23 Izbet Bushra: Recording the Sources and Suggesting Reconciliation Following a Conflict over Church Building
25 2010-02-21 Social Harmony and Christian Community Participation: Evaluation of a Survey Distributed to Priest of Beba and el-Fashn
19 2009-12-22 Arabic Poetry as a possible Metalanguage for Intercultural Dialogue
18 2009-12-01 Pope Shenouda's reactions to four Muslim-Christian incidents in Egypt
17 2009-09-01 Jamāl al-Bannā: Portrait of a Muslim Intellectual
16 2009-08-16 The Forbidden Pilgrimage: Pope Shenouda III's Ban on Coptic Travel to Israel, and its Religious, Political, and Cultural Interpretations and Implications for the Coptic Orthodox Church
20 2009-08-01 Landownership disputes in Egypt: A Case Study of the Tensions around Abu Fana
14 2009-05-01 The Second Draft of the Platform: The Prospects of Change in the Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood's Discourse
15 2009-05-01 Human Rights Organizations in Egypt
13 2009-02-01 Coptic activism and media reporting in the aftermath of the Abū Fānā Monastery attack
11 2009-01-12 The Religious Censorship of the Azhar
12 2009-01-01 Religious Censorship in Egypt: Attitudes within the Coptic Orthodox Church of Egypt
10 2008-12-10 Religious tension: Exceeding safety levels - The Problem of National Inclusion in Egypt
9 2008-12-01 Towards a Negotiating Strategy to Manage the Implications of Islamophobic Discourse & to Deal with the Related Cross-Cultural Communication Barriers
7 2008-09-01 Why are the Arabs angry with the West? The Great War for Civilization
8 2008-09-01 Why are the Arabs angry? Arab-West relations: Politics in quicksand
5 2008-08-01 Analysis of Arab reporting on the Iraq war in 2003
4 2008-04-01 Important factors for church building in Egypt
6 2008-03-01 Media reports of Christians converting to Islam
3 2007-12-01 Jihādi principles in context
2 2007-08-01 Arguments, Alternatives and Amendments: Article two of the Egyptian Constitution