Shenouda III [Naẓīr Jayyid] (Pope)

"Egypt is not a homeland we live in, but rather one that lives within us."

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26. Pope Shenouda Expressed His Condolences For The Families Of The Victims And Al-Bayyādī Called On The Government To Resign
26. Copts Angry Because Of The List Of Appointees In The Post-Revolution Parliament
21. Pope Shenouda III Wishes For The Revolution To Remain Peaceful And To Achieve Its Goals
18. Ahmad al-Tayyīb And Pope Shenouda III Congratulates Al-Katātnī Over His Election As Speaker Of The First Parliament
14. Pope Shenouda Congratulates The People Of Egypt
7. On Wednesday Pope Shenouda III Will Give A Lecture On Television From The U.S.
6. Preacher Dr. Safwat Hijāzī Said: “I Refuse To Hand Over Power To The President Of The People’s Assembly And The Revolution Holiday Will Be On The Day Of The Inauguration Of The President-elect”
53. Asʿad Demands For Islamists To Arrange Meetings With Copts Instead Of The Church. The Muslim Brotherhood Also Added That They They Welcome Cooperation And Believe In Citizenship
22. Shenūda And Sāwīrūs Imposing Trusteeship
19. The Deputy Head Of The Coptic Evangelical Church Said That They Will Not Take It Account Fundamentalists’ Statements And That They Will Not Leave
18. Churches Welcome Al-Azhar Paper And Both Experts And Politicians Demand For Including It Into The Basic Principles Of The Constitution
15. The Pope Asks Copts To Be Respectful Inside Churches
33. His Eminence Bishop Mūsā Issues A Document For The Nation
25. Shaykh Tayyīb And Pope Shenouda III To Meet Today At Al-Azhar In Order To Restore The Spirit Of Revolution
18. Pope Shenouda Said That Islamists Participation In Christmas Celebrations Affirms That There Is Still Good Prevailing In Egypt
10. The Maspero Youth Union Condemns The Cathedral’s Security: Division Among Copts Over The Pope’s Welcoming Of The Military And The Muslim Brotherhood
7. A Night When Copts Clapped For The Muslim Brotherhood And Shouted Against The Military
4. Al-Janzūrī Visited Pope Shenouda Yesterday: The Pope As A “Safety Valve” For National Unity
3. Obama Congratulates Copts And Reaffirms The United States Protection Of Orthodox Christians In Egypt And In The Rest Of The World
2. Presidential Hopeful At The Evangelical Church: Mūsā, Shaqīq and Khayr Allah Participates. Muhammad al-Barād’ī, For His part, Greeted Copts Through His Twitter Account.
1. Pope Shenouda Shakes Hands With Members Of The Military During The Christmas Mass While The Attendees Chant: “Down With The Military Rule”
48. Pope Shenouda Said That A New Era Facing To Good Prospects And Blessings Has Started In Egypt
43. The Church, The Armed Forces And The Muslim Brotherhood Celebrate Christmas
40. Copts To Celebrate Coptic Christmas
39.Orthodox Churches Holding The Coptic Christmas Mass Amidst Tight Security Measures. Muslim Brotherhood To Participate Too.
35. Papa Shenouda Said In An Interview To Al-Akhbār On The Occasion Of The Coptic Christmas: “Egypt Has Never Known Fanaticism”
31. Shaykh Tayyīb Offers Greeting For Pope Shenouda Over The Coptic Christmas.
30. Minister Of Interior Congratulates With Pope Shenouda
27. Christian Organizations Reject Muslim Brotherhood Members And Salafīs Participation In Christmas Celebrations
26. The Maspero Youth Union Announces Its Refusal To Accept Congratulations From Those Who Killed Copts And The Rebels