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Ākhir Sā‘ah writes about the recent incidents involving the Bahā’ī community in the village of al-Shurāniyah.
Coptic clergymen and media specialists discuss Max Michel’s alleged TV church that is expected to be launched in Arabic on May 1.
Prominent Muslim and Christian men of religion, public figures and politicians visited the papal residence to offer their greetings for Easter. President Mubārak offered his greetings to expatriate Copts over the world and stressed Egypt’s national unity.
The head of the Evangelical Church in Egypt explains the conditions under which permission for a second marriage can be given.
The following lines present reflections on Pope Shenouda’s recent decision that prohibits mobile phones in monasteries.
The church has rejected Najīb Jibrā’īl’s call to stage sit-ins and organize demonstrations protesting about restricting Copts’ rights in Egypt. The author criticized the call and concerned people considered it sowing sedition.
A number of critics have commented on Yūsuf Zaydān’s controversial ‘Azāzīl and highlighted the difference between artistic and historical arguments.
The article deals with monasticism and answers whether or not a university degree is essential for joining monastic order.
The author discusses al-Jamā‘ah Islāmīyah’s opinion on the “Coptic Issue.”
The article sheds light on the significance of the human rights committees that have been established recently in the National Democratic Party to spread the culture of human rights.


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