The Ministry of Social Solidarity, stresses that it does not have any problem with the Egyptian Organization for Human Rights.
The article sheds light on the view of the National Democratic Party’s Coptic personalities on the establishment of the International Coptic Council.
Muhammad ‘Abd al-Khāliq of al-Ahrām al-‘Arabī wrote a report on Bahā’īs and the Bahā’ī faith in Egypt. He referred to the governmental, international and religious points of view.
Pope Shenouda has not yet “seen or read” ‘Azāzīl. Muhammad al-Bāz claims that personal conflicts are behind the enmity between Bishop Bīshūy and Yūsuf Zaydān who was celebrated in Hanīn Bookstore in the presence of prominent Egyptian literary and media figures.
The article sheds light on Dr. Tharwat Basīlī’s late issuance of an announcement condemning the recent Israeli assault on Gaza.
The author comments on a book that was opposed by Bishop Bīshūy, stressing the need for clergymen to not interfere in literature.
Pope Shenouda III has lately demanded that Coptic churches in Europe boycott the conference of the Confederation of Coptic Organizations in Europe held in Paris. It also seems that the pope is going to be well-backed up in the campaign to declare him eligible for the Nobel Peace Prize.
Ilhāmī al-Milījī reports about different opinions regarding accusing Islām Samhān of apostasy.
Nadá ‘Umrān reports about the issue of deporting Iraqi Christians.
When Pope Shenouda is absent the church is run by two councils; the Community Council and the Holy Synod.
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