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A new advanced computer program offers the possibility of getting a picture of a certain person through inserting information on the person’s features.
A brief history of Al-Jihad organization.
An investigation by the state security revealed that the "New Qotbioun" organization has drawn up a terrorist plan to assassinate a number of political leaders, including Pope Shenouda and the Sheikh of the Azhar.
Al-Arabi found out that the FBI office in Cairo obtained the files of 350 terrorists, including outstanding leaders, through association with a certain security force in Egypt.
A collection of fatwas by Sheik Abd-Aziz Ibn Baz, the Mufti of Saudi Arabia.
In a continuation of the series on religious tapes started last week by Al-Arabi, this week they review religious books.
An extensive feature on the market for religious audio tapes.
There is much difference in opinion within the Brotherhood. Positions on Al-Wasat party are also controversial. On the question of democracy Mustafa Mashour, expresses serious suspicions of all Western types of government.
15 members of the Azhar scholar’s front met and decided to change the president, the secretary general and the first deputy of the front. The three that were ousted were the same people who led the campaign against the Sheik of the Azhar. A spokesman for the front was also appointed to block the...
An interview with a controversial writer who questions traditional interpretations of the Qur’an. Al-Qimni and the author who is a religious person apparently clashed over thoughts, resulting in an article that could result in problems for al-Qimni with Islamist radicals.


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