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The Supreme Council of Antiquities is about to initiate a restoration project in a cave church in Abū Hinnis, Minia.
The author highlights the end of the 20-year relationship between Pope Shenouda of Alexandria and Dr. Tharwat Bāsīlī, the secretary of the Community Council.
An interview with Dr. Ahmad Diyā’ al-Dīn, Minia Governor, on the recent sectarian tensions in his governorate.
The final steps involved in completing the perimeter wall around the monastery of Abū Fānā are expected to be accomplished within three to four months.
This article discusses the orientation of expatriate Copts in the United States of America.
The Azhar Grand Imām’s statements about the niqāb created an outcry in Egyptian society. Heated arguments took place between those who the support the niqāb as a religious practice and those who approved of Shaykh Tantāwī’s arguments that it is not part of Islam.
Sulaymān writes about the current movements of opposition to the Coptic Church and the reasons behind their failure.
This article sheds light on some of the traditions which passed from the Muslims to the Copts in Egypt and vice versa.
Pope Shenouda honors journalists at the Lions Clubs in Cairo.
Three of the accused in the case of the armed attack on a jewelry shop in al-Zaytūn have reenacted the crime. Meanwhile, the defense team accused the attorney general of torturing the accused.
Muslims and Copts of Egypt are calling to preserve the historic Saint Clare Church in Alexandria.
Pope Shenouda celebrates his 55th anniversary as a Coptic Orthodox monk in a big celebration.
This is an interview with one of the most prominent leaders of the expatriate Copts. It sheds light on the meetings held between him and some of the officials in Egypt to look for means of solving the Copts’ problems.
Seven Christians succeed in the elections of the National Democratic Party in Damietta.
The attorney general is questioning the detained members of the terrorist cell recently discovered. The defense team claim that the detained were tortured during the investigations. The attorney denied the claims and accepted to subject them to forensic medical check-ups.
Islamist groups deemed al-Qimnī kāfir and an Islamist satellite channel called to stone him on air. Al-Qimnī, deemed kāfir on the one hand and honored on the other had a heart attack. However, he responded to people who attacked and refuted their arguments.
Pope Shenouda appeals at the Supreme Administrative Court against the ruling issued by the Administrative Court in Alexandria concerning a building related to the church.
Al-Jumhūrīyah opens the file of the Christian satellite channels and asks whether these channels achieve their spiritual message.
Muhammad ‘Alī Ibrāhīm laments the state of the press and its sources of information.
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