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A source from St. Mark’s Cathedral told al-Dustūr that Pope Shenouda III has welcomed the draft of a law criminalizing religious discrimination, which was put forward by the National Commission for Justice and Peace two days ago.
Egypt has succeeded in ensuring that lack of respect for religions and beliefs as well as the act of insulting the prophets, is regarded as "incompatible" with freedom of expression.  
Muná Makram 'Ubayd, an al-Wafd Party figure, said that there is not presently an Islamic State in Egypt, nor will there be after the January Revolution, where there is no room for eliminating any element in the country. She stressed her support of the civil state. She added that Egypt is a civil...
The Egyptian Union for Human Rights Organization and the Public Coptic Association held a press conference to respond to the appointed U.S. envoy for minorities' rights in the Middle East and the Arab world.
 Coptic Orthodox Pope Shenouda III made intensive calls to the Ethiopian Church to reach a positive Ethiopian decision about Egypt's share from Nile River, as well as solving the current problem of establishing al-Alfīyah dam. Church sources said that the pope is praying for this problem.
 Salafī Public Will Front, Coalition of Islamist Power, announced their agreement on seven demands for the Friday of public will on July 29, 2011, on top of those demands that the Supreme Council of the Armed Forces [SCAF] to put a clear timeline for parliamentary and presidential election.  
*/ The Cairo Court of Appeals has said that the trial of former President Husnī Mubārak and former Minister of the Interior Habīb al-‘Ādlī, may be held in Sharm al-Shaykh hospital, depending on the discretion of the Criminal Court. This has raised concern in Sharm el-Sheikh about high security...
*/ An official source at the Coptic Orthodox papacy has rejected Maurice Sādiq's statements, which have provoked all Egyptian citizens, both Muslims and Copts.
An archpriest of the Coptic Orthodox Church criticized the ministry of solidarity & social justice for sending a delegation to search for Kāmīliyā Shīhātah inside his Coptic Peace Society. Salīb Mattá Sawiris, who is also a member of the Millī Council (Community Council), said the Kāmīliyā...
*/ The Islamic Legitimate Body of Rights and Reform (ILBRR) called for a gathering of the Azhar scholars, salafists and the Muslim Brotherhood (MB) next Friday, and for another million-man march to defend the sharī'ah.


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