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Coptic music becomes more and more known outside Egypt. Coptic music groups are frequently invited to sing outside Egypt.
Dr. Ragheb Moftah beliefs that Coptic music has its origins in pharaonic music but others have serious doubts about this and say this cannot be proved because ancient pharaonic music was not written down. Dr. Moftah wants to preserve the old church music while others call for renewal.
Examples of several extremists who want to use their time in prison to study for a degree. None of these studies are related to Islam. The Ministry of Interior would not tolerate this.
Interview with Dr. Mohammed Sayyed Tantawi, Grand Sheikh of the Azhar, about a range of actual subjects in Egypt, including regulating pilgrimage, his opposition to the embargo of Iraq, religious censorship, the new magazine of the Azhar, a fatwa on taking loans, presenting religious personalities...
A Coptic lawyer filed a lawsuit against sheikh Atya Shaker, the former chairman of the fatwa committee in the Azhar because, the lawyer says, the sheikh insulted Copts and called them apostates in a TV Program "fatwas and commands".
Situated in Old Cairo are the oldest church, mosque and Jewish synagogue in Egypt. All three of these buildings are located in one unique area.
Bishop Bishoi is the head of the church court and he is the secretary of the Holy Synod. He answered all questions which have been raised because of the story of the body of father Abdel Sayed and why it was forbidden to pray over the body of father Abdel Sayed.
Concerning the monk who held a prayer over the body of Priest Ibrahim Abdel Sayyed, Father Bishoi said that the Coptic Church was not sure whether Aghathon, the monk, prayed over the body or not. If the Church proved that, then this monk should be punished.
The wife of Father Ibrahim Abdel Sayyed and all the family of the priest are asking: Is it possible to ask Pope Shenouda to forgive this family which has no enmity towards the church, and allow to hold the fortieth-day prayer which the members of the family will participate in, in order to forget...
Dr. Milad Hanna commented on the Pope’s decision not to pray over the body of Ibrahim Abdel Sayyed. He said that he was not on good terms with the Pope... Since he was still a priest when he died, what is the point of the Pope’s objection to praying over Father Abdel Sayyed’s body?


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