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Dr. Muhī al-Dīn ‘Abd al-Halīm writes about anti-Semitism and anti-Islam attitude.
The article reviews articles being published in the media about the consequences of the reprinting of an offensive drawing of the Prophet Muhammad in a number of Danish newspapers.
The article reviews the opening speeches that have been delivered during the 20th conference of the Supreme Council for Islamic Affairs.
[This article has been previously translated from Al-Ahram, AWR 2004, week 11, art. 27].
The article reports on the reprint of an offensive caricature of the Prophet Muhammad by many Danish and European newspapers that was made just one day after a plot to murder of its cartoonist was foiled.
The Shūrá Council has approved a project law to prevent demonstrations in houses of worship. The majority of Egyptian political parties and authorities approved the decision, but certain people have expressed their opposition to it.
Angry reactions continue to be heard in intellectual circles regarding press freedom. The developments in the crisis of the 80-lash Fatwá issued by the grand imām of the Azhar, calls to abolish imprisonment in publishing-related cases, and the future of press in Egypt are the main subjects...
The article discusses the invitation to dialogue, initiated by Muslim scholars, to bridge the gap between Muslims and Christians. Muslim scholars are disappointed with Pope Benedict XVI’s negative response to the initiative. The article refers to Cardinal Jean-Louis Tauran’s statement in which he...
This article deals with some points discussed by the Anglican al-Azhar Dialogue Committee in London with focus on Shaykh Umar al-Dīb’s paper on Muslim minorities in the West.
The Malaysian authorities have suspended the Tamil-language daily Makkal Osai newspaper for a month over publishing an offensive photo of Jesus Christ smoking a cigarette and holding a can of beer.


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