4. The Plight of Kosovo

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A brief review of the history of the district of Kosovo.

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[taken from Al-Osbou]

The province of Kosovo was annexed in the Middle Ages by the Serbian King Sardoshan to his Empire of Serbia, Slovenia and Albania. The Ottomans later won control of the district 1878 when it was given to the Greeks. In the year 1913 the Albanian lands were distributed among the triumphant states in the Balkan war and Serbia got Kosovo. It was given self rule in 1946 but that was never really implemented and in 1976 it was given a status equal to other Yugoslav republics. In 1987 Slobodan Milosovich annulled the Muslim self rule in Kosovo. He later imprisoned thousands of the inhabitants of the region and 90 percent of the Albanian employees were fired from their jobs. The conflict between the Albanian Muslims in Kosovo and the Serbian authorities has escalated since the raise to power of the extreme right in the elections held last year. Will the international community act before there is another Bosnia?

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