27. Your report about Al-Kasha is a lie and the whole story is written against Egypt and Mubarak

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The instrument of Western propaganda is spreading lies since the Cold War until today.

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The instrument of Western propaganda is spreading lies since the Cold War until today. We know quite well that governments or persons never last forever, but we will not allow the destruction of the country. At the same time of the report published by Christina Lamb, the liar, Madeleine Albright declares that she has not patience enough to deal with the attitudes of the Arabs towards normalization. We are just wondering why is Europe or America disturbed due to what had happened in Al-Koshh? Since when does America care for the religions or the Christians?

The first lie published in this report is that the Egyptian police rapes the Christian women. This lie is totally refused. Raping is not accepted in Upper Egypt and it is a matter of life or death for either Christians or Muslims. 90% of the raping cases are concentrated in
Cairo. Hence, nothing of what is mentioned in the report has happened.

Second, it seems to me that Christina did not exert much effort to know whether Al-Kasah lies beside Luxor, as she had mentioned in the report, or not. Al-Kasah lies 300 kilometers far away from Luxor. It is separated from Luxor by two provinces. We notice that the name of Luxor is mentioned many times so as to remind the reader of the horrible accident of Luxor.

Third, she claimed in her report that there are accidents of revenge between Muslims and Christians. Bishop Wissa refused these words in previously statements. She also claimed that there are priests who are facing the death penalty, which is not true at all.

Christina mentioned in her report that there was a church closed by force in Al-Maadi. This was not true because the priest of the church got the permission to re-open it on 13 October. This means that this journalist does not mention the whole truth. We can forgive any fault, but we can not stand doing nothing in front of your destructive words that defame Egypt in the whole world. We have got the right to ask you who are you? Who is behind you?!

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