1. A sudden development: Dr. Mustafa Imam is transferred to a new penal assembly

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Dr. Mustafa Imam is transferred. The escalation of the confrontation between the Sheikh Al-Azhar and his opponents continues.

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In a new and sudden development, assuring the escalation of the confrontation between the Sheikh Al-Azhar and his opponents, Dr. Mustafa Imam, a professor at the Faculty of Arabic Language, was transferred to a new penal assembly. The fist meeting of the assembly will be held on Tuesday, December 22.

Transferring Dr. Imam to a penal assembly was unexpected since interrogations last June led to the closure of his case. Dr. Imam was questioned for distributing to Al-Azhar’s scholars a statement attacking the development of Al-Azhar curriculum shortening the years of secondary education from four to three years and changing some subjects. The statements carried the signatures of more than 200 of Al-Azhar’s

Dr. Taha Abu Kiriasha, vice president of the Azhar University, and the chief of the Penal Assembly, sent a copy of the decision of the president of the university to transfer Dr. Imam to a penal assembly without attaching a copy of the statement of accusation which included details of the accusations.

This provokes questions about intentionally not sending the statement to Dr. Imam although it was certified by Dr. Abu Kiriasha on November 25th. Some observers bring this in connection to what happened to the Sheikh Al-Azhar’s comment about canceling the oral exam of the Holy Qur’an to avoid any cheating for the interest of Al-Azhar’s professors’ sons. On another hand, Dr. Imam told Al-Sha’ab he would reply to the Sheikh Al-Azhar’s claims supported by documents.

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