10. A fired Azhar professor writes a strange book on Islamic upbringing.

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The Ibn Khaldoun Center is accused of attempting to stir up strife between Egyptians, both Muslims and Christians through its publication of a project for Islamic religious studies at pre-university level entitled "History and Social Studies."

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One of the development centers has attempted to stir strife between the Egyptian people, both Muslims and Christians and threatens to harm the social infrastructure. The center has presented a project for Islamic religious studies for the pre-university levels titled "History and Social Studies."

The writer of the book’s material is an ex-Azhar professor who was expelled from his position at the Al-Azhar University, and he has written this book with the cooperation of 12 other researchers. The book is full of mistakes and is perverted in its content and incorrect material. It is very obvious that this book is intended to harm our children, disillusion them and lead them astray, and this is an issue that we should not be kept silent about.

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