16. Errors in the Coptic history of Egypt

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The author expresses his surprise concerning errors made by writers concerning Coptic history. He also points out that Coptic language, culture and civilization is neglected in Egypt and that there are no Egyptian universities offering Coptic Studies as a subject though there are many universities abroad which do have such departments.

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I am surprised concerning the historical errors made by writers concerning Coptic history. For example, recently I read about a church that was built in the first eras of Christianity (that is, much before Islam) and the writer had said that the church was built according to Islamic architecture!!! Is this reasonable??

In addition I would like to point out to the neglect that is given to the Coptic language, culture and civilization, which plays a very strong role in the history of Egypt. We also find that the Coptic language is taught in many universities outside Egypt and there are departments of Coptic Studies, unfortunately this topic is not taught in any of Egypt’s universities.

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