15. Four Guys and a Fax Machine" and the Coptic Information Center

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The author compliments the article above and sees this as an encouragement to use new information technology for

Coptic activists living outside Egypt.

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[Placed in the RNSAW with permission of Mr. Michael Meunier, maintainer

of the Copts Daily Digest and president of the US Copts Association]

Dear Readers:


would like to express special thanks to " munirgeg" for sharing with us the article " Four Guys and a Fax Machine"

by Paul S. Rowe on the digest of April 23, 2001. I tend to agree with him, we all need to stop and think hard about

how can the new information technology help the just cause of the Copts.

The ability to send and

exchange information across the globe with a lot less hindrance imposed by boundaries and governmental controls has

helped the spread of democratic ideals and freedom in many previously closed societies.

The Coptic

Digest, using the Internet and information technology, has been providing a forum for the defense of human rights

of the Copts and others all over the world. The Coptic Digest has been to a great extent the new cyberspace "Agora"

( ancient Greek marketplace), where exchange of information, ideas, and discussions are held among the Copts, their

friends, sympathizers and at times antagonists

The " Coptic Information Center (CIC) provides a

forum and a vehicle to enhance the defense of human rights in Egypt and around the world. I add my voice to that of

munirgeg stop and think hard how the new information technology could help the defense of human rights for the

Copts and other groups as well. I urge you all to continue your generous support for the CIC. Visit www.copts.com

and support CIC.

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