30. From an Evangelical pastor to President Bush

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An Evangelical pastor wrote to President George Bush calling for him to resort to peace instead of war in dealing with the attacks of September 11. He expressed the opinion that fighting war and terrorism and spreading peace is a champion and pioneering role and that Bush was qualified for.

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Your Excellency President George Bush,

No one can deny that what happened in the USA was a calamity and a human tragedy that no just man would agree to...

Fighting terrorism is something that no two persons would disagree on...however the idea of war sir is not a good idea because it is in its nature to increase terrorism. Are we going to face terrorism with another terrorism?...

Mr. President, our world does not need more bereaved mothers of children. What is the fault of the innocent people that have nothing to do with politics? What is the fault of the helpless Afghan people who have no homes and no food? What is the fault of the people who live in countries that host terrorism?

We are in bad need of peace. Jesus Christ taught us that peacemakers are blessed and He practiced what He preached. He rejected violence and shedding blood. When one of His disciples wanted to defend Him by using the sword...He told him "Put your sword back in its place, for all who draw by sword will die by the sword."

Sir, what happened has happened. So, let us pass over this plight and not face evil with evil and violence with violence. Let us root deeply the principles of love and peace...Treating enemies with peace can never belittle the dignity of the USA.

Mr. President can you play this champion and pioneering role in fighting war and terrorism and spreading peace. It is a mission that needs heroes and you are qualified to carry it out and blessed are peacemakers.

Pastor Rifa’t Fikry Said

The pastor of the Evangelical church in Ard Sherif, Shoubra

[The same message was published in Al-Ahali, October 3, 2001 (p.7) and another message by a another Copt with more or less the same content was published in Al-Akhbar, October 3, 2001 (p.10), under the title "An Open Message to the American President."]

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