16. The bloody history of Mohammed Meccawi, the new military leader of Al-Qa’ida organization

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The article gives an overview of the history of the new military leader of Al-Qa’eda organization. The author believes him to be an example on the duality of the West’s attitude towards terrorism. He was created by the CIA during the Soviet-Afghan war and now he is wanted by the American authorities as he is accused of being involved in the attacks of September 11.

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* He planned to murder President Mubarak in Addis Ababa and blow up the Egyptian embassy in Pakistan.

The announcement of the death of Abu Hafs Al-Masri was a surprise because he was related to Bin Laden and responsible for the military wing of Al-Qa’ida. A bigger surprise was the appointing of Mohammed Ibrahim Meccawi to replace him. He was called Seif Al-Adel [the sword of justice] although he knows nothing but terrorism. His nickname was Abu Mu’az and was one of the main five Egyptian terrorists who were listed on the top of the terrorist list that was made by the United States.

No one thought that he would become a leader of the military wing of the Qa’ida organization especially during the violent American air force attacks on the organization. Although Mohammed Meccawi is a dangerous person, he is an example on the duality of the West’s attitude towards terrorism. Information received confirms that he and two other dangerous terrorists were made by the CIA during the Soviet-Afghani war. The biggest surprise was that the CIA was still in relation with these three, even after the war was finished and with the evidence of their involvement in some terrorism cases in Egypt and other Arab-countries.

Meccawi was dismissed from the Egyptian military service because of his bad behavior. He went to Saudi Arabia where he joined the Islamic World League [Rabitat al-Alam el-Islami] that is part of the international humananitatian institution [this is what the author wrote but he probably means that the Rabitat is an international humanitarian institution]. It helped him, as it did many terrorists, to go to Peshawar that is a town near the Pakistan-Afghan border. He was appointed as a military leader to fight against the Russian forces. Because of his services to the Mujahideen [Islamic fighters], he had close connections with Gulbuddin Hekmatyar and he was accusing Rabbani of being a traitor.

During this period, he formed a trio group when he met Abdel-Aziz Musa Al-Gamal who was one of those accused of murdering President Sadat and who was imprisoned for three years. The third member of the group was Ali Abu Al-Sa’ud who was a double-agent to the CIA and the FBI on the one hand and the Arab Mujahideen leaders in Afghanistan on the other.

Meccawi started to train and lead members of the Islamic Jihad group in the terrorism camps. He was expelled from Pakistan according to a decision made by the Pakistani authorities. He told a Pakistani newspaper that he was involved in the attempt to murder Dr. Atef Sedqi, Egyptian prime minister and Hassan Al-Alfi, minister of the interior.

A disagreement existed between him and members of the group concerning the use of violence. He issued a statement in the name of the Islamic Jihad group in which he called them to Jihad against the ruling system in Egypt. In this statement, he declared the responsibility of his group and its plan to murder of Butros Ghali which failed.

Some security agencies in Egypt and in the United States discovered the relationship between Ali Abu Al-Sa’ud and Mohammed Ibrahim Meccawi, Al-Zawahri, Abdel-Aziz and Mustafa Shalabi, who was killed in the United States in mysterious circumstances. The discovery only came late after they had carried out the mission of blowing up the Egyptian embassy in Islamabad in 1995, and also after they had been involved in the attempt to murder President Mubarak in Addis Ababa .

Mohammed Ibrahim was last seen when he was training some terrorist members of the Moro front in Philippines. It is said that he has been seen in Holland and Switzerland - he holds a forged Swiss passport. The search for Meccawi and Abdel-Aziz Al-Gamal is continuing.

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