3. Pages from the notebook of terrorism of the guide of the [Muslim] Brotherhood

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The article recounts how the activities of the Muslim Brotherhood group were discovered. It gives an overview of the role Mustafa Mashhour played in the group and the operations of violence the group committed.

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Mustafa Mashhour, the guide of the Muslim Brotherhood, had no qualifications for being the guide of any group of Muslims, even the Muslim Brotherhood. He was an engineer in the Meteorological Services.

Only chance disclosed the existence of a secret organization called the Muslim Brotherhood. On November 15, 1948, Egypt discovered a secret organization that was planning to take over the government. The leader of the group admitted to having prepared to bombard an Egyptian army site as well as blow up offices of the Suez Canal Company. The official historian of the Brotherhood narrates the case that uncovered the secret organization and Mustafa Mashhour. [The media called that case “The case of the Jeep car”].

"The group members used to meet up in each other’s houses to take lessons in using different kinds of weapons...and one day there was supposed to be a meeting in Mustafa Mashhour’s house. Before he left his house, Mashhour told his parents that if any of his colleagues would come, they [his parents] should make them wait for him in the guests’ parlor. Later his colleagues came, including Ahmad Hussein, Ahmad Zaki and Mahmoud El-Dhabagh. The police went to search Mashhour’s house and found those colleagues of his in his house. The police took them to Al Waily police station... and that was how the secret organization was uncovered in one day... they were accused of criminally conspiring to topple the existing constitution of the country and reform the current government by force. They were also accused of destroying weapons of the Egyptian army and killing many Egyptians and foreigners..."

Essam El-Din Hassouna, who investigated the case [of the Jeep car], said that the car had many fliers and written plans of the organization to topple the regime. The Jeep car was also full of explosives and bombs. The case of the Jeep car was one of the most important political cases that happened before the revolution in July 1952. This case uncovered the secret organization of the Muslim Brotherhood. After that, many political events took place. Selim Zaki Pasha, the Hekemdar [a rank] was assassinated on December 4, 1948. Mahmoud Fahmy Al-Noqrashy, the prime minister, was assassinated on December 28, 1948.

The Brotherhood committed another crime when they tried to erase all the evidence against them by trying to destroy the court hall. Their attempt was thwarted when the explosives were removed far from the court hall, but they did injure 25 people. After that, Mustafa Mashhour returned to conspiracy. He went to prison and after he came out he started to work as a general guide for the Brotherhood. Only his terrorist acts qualified him for being a general guide. He did not write a book nor publish an article. He never interpreted Qur’anic verses. He merely renders acts as haram or hallal. He killed the soul that God has forbidden human beings to kill.

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