4. The American high commissioner in Egypt

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The war on Iraq declared the foundation of the American empire, which is not much different from the British Empire. The only difference between the two is the modern approach applied by America in which it cheats and changes the meanings of words.

Occupation in the dictionary of the new empire is liberation and overthrowing regimes unaccepted by the new empire is democracy.

As America inherited the role of the British Empire, the American ambassador inherited the role of the representative of Great Britain or the British high commissioner.

The British high commissioner was the de-facto ruler of Egypt and the person who controled the life of Egyptians. That is the role the American ambassador in Egypt David Welch seeks to play through a modern way based on infiltrating into media circles that form public opinion. He gives much attention to students in order to incubate a new Americanized generation capable of defending American interests, a generation who think, write and work according to the "American style."

The events of September 11 changed the image of the American ambassador as his mission became more important and influential. The new image was emphasized after America declared itself the sole superpower.

David Welch decided to carry out his new mission as the American high commissioner by going out on Egyptian streets to practice his power. He made unprecedented visits to the Assiut governorate and Al-Sharqiya governorate. He also visited the International Academy for Media Science and met with its students.

Welch stresses that he does not interfere in Egyptian domestic affairs. Yet, he actually practices this interference. For example, when a court issued its verdict in the famous lawsuit of perverts, Welch said, "We are disappointed about the sentencing of 21 persons to prison. The court did not hold any session to make its decision and it did not give any chance for the defense. We wrote about that in our human rights report."

When the court cleared Dr. Saad Eddin Ibrahim of all charges, Welch said, "We welcome the court's decision to release Dr. Saad Eddin Ibrahim. We were following this case closely and we are happy that he can resume his work."

The American high commissioner cannot hide his opposition to judicial rulings as long as they do not go according to his own wishes and he does not hesitate declaring his satisfaction with other rulings that fulfill his wishes.

Welch's interference in Egyptian domestic affairs is not exclusive to judicial rulings but it extends to include art. It was reiterated lately that he demanded suspending the shooting of a movie titled "Ayez Haqi" [I want my rights] because in one of its scenes is an anti-US demonstration that takes place before the American embassy in Cairo.

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