27. "The Diaspora" serial is a stereotype that does not differentiate between Judaism and Zionism

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The article is about TV series “Al-Shatat” [Diaspora] aired by Al-Manar TV which is affiliated to Hizbullah. The author argues that Al-Manar made the mistake of presenting an extremely stereotyped picture of Jews. In addition to that Al-Shatat makes no efforts to distinguish between Jews and Zionists.

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[Editor: This author criticizes an anti-Semitic serial.]

Against a black background, the Manar Channel starts every episode of "The Diaspora" serial with a few words relating how two thousand years ago, Jewish rabbis established a government whose objective was to take control of the world. The Jews caused wars and strife, and so they were rejected. They pretended to be discriminated against, and waited for their savior. In the beginning of the 19th century, the secret international Jewish government was established [Editor: that’s an anti-Semitic conspiracy theory].

These words sum up the history of the Jews over the last two thousand years. They stop at the emergence of the Zionist movement, of which the serial tells the story, although the word "Zionism" is not mentioned therein.

The words tell how the Jews, as followers of a divine religion, decided to control the world through an international government. I do not know the word "international" could be used two thousand years ago.

History tells us that the Jews had a state in Palestine; then they were scattered by Nebuchadnezzar, King of Babylon.

In accordance with the words mentioned at the beginning of every episode, there are two probabilities. The first one is that the international government was established during the heyday of the Jewish state by Jewish religious men or prophets. The second probability is that the international government was established during the Diaspora.

The question is: How could scattered people establish a government, and how could the members of such a scattered government communicate two thousand years ago?

The serial focuses on the ability and the experience of the Jews, and also on their traitorous nature. The characters of the serial describe the Jews as traitorous and villainous people. But some common people, like me, may wonder if all Jews are similar. The serial would have had to present some positive Jewish characters in order to be just, but it did not. All the characters are murderers and traitors, even the religious men. So, "The Diaspora" is a stereotype.

The serial also does not differentiate between Jews and Zionists. Jews are part of the Arab nation. History tells of Jewish persons who defended the Palestinian cause, and who exerted efforts in order to clarify the reality of the Arab-Zionist conflict.

Perhaps the creators of "The Diaspora" did not intend to be so racist. But we do not need such a serial, for we have enough bad works.

Ref. Media criticism.

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